I'm back

September 20, 2012

Hello everybody,
I'm back from my Poland trip and really enjoyed it. As a history nerd I was very satisfied with all the Museums and old buildings we went. I expecially thought Krakow was very nice and Malbork. If you can, visit these two!

Before travelling I quickly wanted to sew a skirt but gave up due to lack of motivation. But right after I got home again, I was so creative and didn't stop with just finishing my skirt. I even made two ribbons and continued to sew flowers onto my corset.

 My skirt. Sorry for the bad picture. I don't know if you are able to see, but it is a high waist skirt *___*

My Norway ribbon. The deep blue seems kind of blackish on this picture. mh, I really do need a good camera.

Again a ribbon but slightly larger and it matches the skirt perfectly because I used the same fabric.


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