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November 04, 2012

Hello dear readers,

more update on my crocheting in this post :).
First of all, a finished project with the free tutorial from "Le blog de deedeen" (at the top bottom there is an english instruction)
It's a cute pink crown headband, tadaaaaaah~

 I am still thinking of maybe sewing big pearls on the top, it will make it even cuter <3 br="br">

My second project, and still not finished, is a detachable collar. Now this tutorial is only in German but I think, the instruction is pretty self explanatory.
Original instruction found here
I still need more than half until I am finished. Go go go~

Apart from my two projects, I bought a new hook today and now I own four different sizes. From left to right: 7,0 US K, 4,00mm, PRYM 2,5mm and my newest baby 1,5mm.
uhm...what else.
When I have motivation I continue my female Austria cosplay but at the moment I rather crochet because I can stay in bed under my blankets. It's nice and toasty under two blankets and two cushions. Plus I have my computer right next to my bed.

oh and I did my nails again,
I really like the change from the dark pink to the light pink <3 p="p">

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