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April 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,

It's been weeks since my last post about my shopping spree and a lot of new things are already cluttering my room.
I bought a pink bag via yfmart and love it. My gf thinks this is the ugliest bag she had ever seen but out tastes are really different |D.

Last weekend I went to a special event and therefore bought new shoes and a new dress :).
The dress is from hellbuny plus it was on sale! From 58 to 36 euros *___*!

Plus a close up from my make-up. Next time I have to outline my eyebrows even more. And my bangs look a bit weird too but nevermind.

I enjoy shopping in h&M's childrenssection because they really have cute things, like this dress. It's 158 and fit's perfectly! Oh and the dressing doll is new too :D!

And this dress with a white bolero, a creme belt with flowers and white bodyline jewelry was yesterday's cod! Sorry for the crappy quality
And this was my make-up.

The white flower at the back of my head is from my bodyline order which arrived on Friday!
2x of socks, 2x fake lashes, 1 box of fake nails, 2x pink flowers, 2x white flower, 1x strawberry bunny hairband

Plus a black tie and a pink frilly bag.

uff, long post. I hope I didn't forget anything :)
Have a nice week!


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