so...what happened?

April 25, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I did finish all my cosplays for Animuc with 5h or less sleep. Normally I sleep 7-10h! You can definitely imagine my irratebility the days before the con.
Animuc this year was again cold and it also rained a bit on Saturday. This dropped my mood a lot and before it went crashing into the abyss, my friends and I decided to :D!
And I bought new shoes. From Tally Weijl. Plus, they were on sale.
On Sunday my mood was even worse but I was totally in character. Ha, I just hate the cold. And as we came back from Munich, friends phoned us and told us that the weather in Austria was so nice and sunny.
Yep, this post is definitely a rant post. Sorry.
Ah, and no pictures apart from really crappy ones made with my mobile phone camera. We decided to do seperate shootings in Vienna because of the bad weather.

Onto something better now. I bought the special eyeshadow set from MAC and new shoes. (again.)

 I fell in love with the colours. This was worth every cent. And I spent a lot of cents on that. A lot.

And tadah~. New shoes number 2. I saw them on a fleamarket the other day with my sister but they were size 39 (I wear 36.) Then my sister found them on a Austrian website, on sale for 4€ and in my size. And now they are mine.


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