July 01, 2013

Hello lovelies,

the Made in Japan was a huge success. I had so much fun with my cosplay on Saturday and on Sunday I had a wonderful Hetaween Group with L. and P.
I will do pictures next Saturday because the location was not that nice and fitting for my costume.
This is what I bought at the con:

 I'm sorry, I didn't realize the picture was out of focus until I checked it now x_x
Two packs of tea from Indolero, one Green tea with white cherry and one green tea with pineaple and honey. I love green tea ;_;! And then a penguin keychain from Himawaru Penguindrum. Okay, this was actually a present from L. but awwww, I love these penguins. The series is weird and I didn't like it that much but I could watch it only for the penguin. >///<

The teabox is so pretty. And just perfect for the 80g tea I bought ^__^!

Naaaaaahhh~~~ <333 cute="" isn="" it="" t="">///<

And then new shoes I boguht a whilte ago (erm, I think one week ago? Or two already?)
New shoes! yey! and a new Blouse for work! yey~!

The shoes are from Deichmann and the blouse from Pimkie. And everything was on sale |D. I also bought a black bolero but I already threw it into the washing machine at the time I took the pictures.


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