Taobao international order

July 31, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I head that taobao hat an internation website and well, I'm at work and got nothing to do so I am trying it out right now.

Click me to get to the international help site. If you register you come to the chinese site. Don't be bothered because under the menu point member registration there is a small animation on how to register!

I registered with a username, password and on the other page with my email adress. Because everything is in chinese and it my username didn't work out, I used google translate for a rough translation. It seemed like there was just a network failure and my username was okay anyway.
Tip: It is required to use a password with numbers.

And now I am waiting for the confirmation email.....since 15min. And I am still waiting.

update: 30 min waiting. no email. I checked the spelling and it is correct. No mail in the spam folder either.

update: after 45min I tried to register again (it worked) and now I am waiting for the confirmation mail again. Argh

Giving up for the day...


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