August 26, 2013

Hello lovelies,

the next few weeks will be just WIP from my Connichi cosplays. Sorry!

16 more days and everything I finished is one top and accessoires....OTL. Today I can't rebuy the fabric because I have to work until 6pm and the shop is closed by then. But tomorrow I will go there....

I first finished my sleaves first...

See the seamless trim? Harhar, I am very proud of it.
I used this great tutorial from Deviantart for it.

Then the under tunika...I still have to find a way on how to close it...probably hooks..!

and now...the shiny details...

You see this gold colour? It's even more shiny than on the pictures.

Apart from that, my computer is still not working. And still no pictures from Munich or Aninite...sorry ;_;


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