Renaissance Chemise

January 29, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I'm updating again! It's so good to have holiday from university. One whole month of sewing or working.
Yesterday I finished my corset and today I started my renaissance chemise.
I searched for pattern on google and found this, which looked easy. At first.
But then everything was only described in inches (who, apart from the US uses inches?) plus I didn't really get some parts. I really dislike to work "freestyle" and just cut and sew. I need pattern and I need exact measurements...

So, enough with my rant...
I pinned everything together to get a look at the outcome and all in all, it was actually pretty good.

 The front looks a bit weird, but that is intentionally!

As you can see with this picture, her front is ruffled!
The fabric is not a 100% but it looks better in real life. I will also print those tiny gold patterns onto the fabric when I am finished.

This is the sleave
It's very wide and hopefully it will poke out in that lovely renaissance fashion.
I took my inspiration from this picture:
Sorry, it's very blurry... The chemise is for another dress but I guessed, I could use the same pattern for her pink dress.

And now, bed is calling me!


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