February 24, 2014

Hello lovelies,

today is the big day. I will move to another flat again. It will be the fourth apartment in four years. And in one year I will probably move again. OTL.
Not only my room but also the living room is a mess. I have a lot of boxes filled with books and cd's or dvd's. But nothing beats my boxes full of clothes and shoes in numbers. And then only two boxes with kitchenware. My room in the new flat is a tad bigger than my room but still, in this apartment I didn't have to store the books, cd and dvd in my room.

The living room is such a mess, I get the creeps every time I enter the room.
Oh, and about 6 boxes are in the hallway. Urgh

I made a 2D plan on the computer of my new room. See my problem?
Let's see if this really works..!

On Friday I went to a 50s party because I won tickets for it. The theme was "Sailor" and I could finally wear my sailor dress I bought from Strawberry in Berlin. The party was really nice although I didn't dance and we left early, in search of food. But I will definitely to to the next events too.
And my mind is not really chronological. I met Stephie for lunch on the same day. We haven't seen each other for a reaaaally long time. Himekaji/Himekei all the way with my new Liz Lisa coat.
My face is so round ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and you can't really see the contouring, even though my sister told me 5min before the picture, that I made it too dark. Apparently not dark enough for pictures...? I cut my bangs too short (again) but I never flip because my hair is growing so fast that I only have to wait for one more week or two and it will be over my eyebrows again.

Next time I will (maybe?) already show off my new room :)!

Oh and there is a spontaneous Gyaru meeting in Vienna this Saturday. The theme is "Pirate". Let's see if I manage to pull off  Hime Pirate?!


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