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April 27, 2015

Hello lovelies,

yesterday was a J-fashion bring and buy and everybody could bring J-fashion (off)brand clothes. One euro was the fee and you could bring as much clothes as you want. I brought 24€ pieces but only sold three, so a lot of things are still on sale.

  • I ship from Vienna, Austria. 
  • I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages.
  • No returns, no exchanges
  • I have no pets and nobody smokes in the flat
  • I accept paypal and bank transfer (in Europe)
  • Feel free to ask questions! I will answer asap.
  • Prices are in Euro.
  • Please message/comment for shipping prices!
  • Payment plans are negotiable
  • No trades

Brand: Queen Bee
Size: M
Condition: Never worn
Price: 35€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: Free size (S-M)
Condition: Only tried on
Price: 45€

Brand: Fanplusfriend Garden
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner, it has small black dots on the collar (see last picture)
Price: 20€

Brand: Jesus Diamante
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner but I only tried it on. It has greyish spots at the back of the sleevehole but they are almost not visible.
Price: 120€

Brand: Liz Lisa
Size: Freesize (S-M)
Condition: Tried once, like new
Price: 50€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: S
Condition: tried on once, like new
Prize: 20€

Very old gyaru top, bought it in 2007.
Brand: Liz lisa
Size: S
Condition: worn, but ok
Price: 10€

to be continued..


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