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July 30, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I bearly finished my cosplay for Nippon Nation but now I have plans for three new cosplays for connichi. To be honest, I will probably only finish one and if I am lucky two but that's it. I don't know why I stress myself so much. But whatever, I got my mind on that.

I am playing Marvel's Avengers Academy and I really like the third outfit at rank five Enchantress is wearing. Although green is definitely not my colour nor do I like boobcups, i really find this outfit intriguing.

For Saturday I want to do Arielle in an art nouveau version by Hanna-Alexander on Deviantart. 
Her designes are amazing and if I had the money and time, I'd cosplay each and every one of her designes.

I have no idea why but this dress screams chiffon to me. I have plans of buying chiffon, dying it and then sewing the pieces together. But I will do a mock-up first because I don't feel all too sure about the pattern. And to be honest, I will definitely wear a corset underneath that to get that nice shape.

For Sunday I planned an Assassin's creed cosplay with my friend S.
I played the games last year and I was addicted to them. I played four parts in less than a month and especially the parts with Ezio I played in less than a week.
The cosplay I chose was Claudia. I really liked her Assassin's outfit but I chose her dress because I just couldn't figure out what the fuck she was wearing. It was like she wore a cloak, a mini cloak and a collar on top of it all? Nah, no thanks. Making a dress is so much easier (in my opinion at least).
This dress screams brocade and something stiff. I found the perfect material for the chemise in my local fabric store and I will go and get it asap. As for the rest of the fabric, I am still on a hunt for it.

And that is it for now!

All the best,


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