Lolita fashion coordinates

from the years 2013-2020 (I did not include my weird years from 2004-2012 on purpose).


Le portrait de Marie - Krad Lanrete JSK

Metamorphose temps de fille

Angelic Pretty - le jardin des anges

Souffle Song

L'armoire de versailles

Inori - The maiden of Versailles

Lady Sloth JSK

Souffle Song JSK

Cheval de bois JSK

Magic Tea Party JSK

Innocent World - Dollhouse OP

Rose Bird Print JSK

Souffle song JSK

Innocent World - Tartan check frederick trump JSK

Pastel pearl OP - Angelic Pretty

Innocent World JSK

Innocent World JSK

Baby the stars shine bright - Floral Tree OP

Infanta - The portrait of a lover

Quaint Lass - Rosée Matinal

Angelic Pretty - Milky Swan

Yolanda - Florrie avec echos OP

Cherie Cerise JSK

Leur Getter JSK

Souffle Song OP

Dream Magical JSK

Haenuli - Librarian Lady

Lady Sloth

R-series - Emperor's nightingale

Violet Fane - A School for wizards (Hufflepuff Version)

Magic Tea Party JSk

Quaint Lass - Gli Elfi di Fiori

Angelic Pretty - Lacy Ballerina

Neverland Holy Cross JSK

Metamorphose - Lace up doll

Rabbit Teeth OP

Infanta - Disney version Snow White OP

Angelic Pretty - Dramatic Rose JSK

Abyss Museum


Fanplus Friend

Baby the stars shine bright - Flower garrett juliet OP

Floral dress - hand made

Souffle Song - Youth in the mirror OP

Mary Magdalene OP

Piesces JSK

Handmade OP

Handmade - Hufflepuff Witch OP

L'armoire de Versailles - Emma OP

Deer Jsk


La petite fille



Innocent World

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