October 05, 2012


I was shopping a few days ago and found a really cute necklace in Forever21. As I looked at the price, it wasn't that cute anymore. Then I thought, hey, why not do one myself? Because it didn't look very hard.

You need:

A loooot of pearls. I took big ones because my satin ribbon was rather wide too.
2x Satin Ribbon, 7mm (1/4 inches) wide and 150cm (549inches) long. Of course, you can always make it longer, but you are on the safe side with 150cm.

This is everything you need and trust me, it is super easy.

Now, take your ribbons and make a knot at one end. Bead one pearl on one of the satin ribbon strand, it doesn't matter on which one. Then, with both strands, you tie two knots.
Bead one pearl on one thread which is farthest from your previously knoted pearl. It should look like this up to now:
and then tie a knot again.

You continue until you the satin ribbon has only a few centimeters left and tie a knot at both ends. And you are finished.
It took me about 45minutes and I really love the outcome.

I'm wearing the necklace now ;D


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