lolita coord

Hi everyone, 

thanks for checking out this very special database I made.

I'll be sharing my coordinates here from 2013 to the present. Even though I have been a lolita since 2004 I did not include my weird years from 2004-2012 on purpose. You can see why in the timeline below.

The only year where I cheated a bit was in 2011. I couldn't find any pictures of me wearing lolita at all, but there are probably just no pictures. This outfit I shared on the timeline is actually a cosplay I made which has a kind of lolita "silhouette". 


A3 - Afternoon tea JSK

Abyss Museum - The portraits of the queens JSK
Alice and the pirates - floral JSK (Sold)
Angelic pretty - Dramatic Rose JSK

 Angelic Pretty - Le jardin des anges JSK

Angelic Pretty - Lacy Ballerina JSK

Angelic Pretty - Milky Swan JSK
Angelic Pretty - Pastel pearl OP

Baby the stars shine bright - Floral Tree OP

Baby the stars shine bright - flower garrett juliet OP
Baby the stars shine bright - Dance scene Jsk

Baby the stars shine bright - cherry OP 

Bodyline - floral JSK 

Cherie Cerise - unfriendly cat and her loyal court JSK

Cheval de bois - Swan JSK

Classical Puppets - Elisabeth Schloss Schönbrunn night daily JSK

Dream Magical - florals and letter JSK

Emily temple cute - dolled up cat JSK

Fan+Friend - rococo OP

Haenuli - Librarian Lady JSK

Hand made - floral JSK

Hand made by a friend - floral op


hand made - Hufflepuff witch op

Infanta - The portrait of a lover JSK

Infanta - Snow white (Disney version) OP

Inori - The maiden of Versailles JSK

Innocent World - Sailor OP

Innocent World - Dollhouse OP

Innocent world - Floral JSK

Innocent World - Tartan check Frederick trump JSK (For Sale)
Innocent world - red rose JSK

Innocent world - unknown ribbon JSK

Innocent World - blue JSK (Sold)

Kaneko - Knight OP (no picture to this date)

Krad Lanrete - Le portrait de Marie JSK

L'armoire de Versailles - Emma OP

L'armoire de Versailles - Starlight Lily OP

L'armoire de versailles - unknown Roman coin print JSK

Lady Sloth - unknown Angel print JSK
Lady Sloth - unknown floral print JSK

L'esprit de la noblesse - Le Boudoir de Madame  JSK (pre-ordered)
L'esprit de la noblesse - Sea goddess (Pre-ordered)

Leur Getter -  Royal Cat JSK
Magic tea party - unknown floral JSK

Magic tea party - unknown floral blue JSK


Mary Magdalene - unknown name olive OP

Metamorphose temps de fille - lace up doll JSK
Metamorphose temps de fille - Pink tulle JSK

Metamorphose - white tulle JSK
Miao Wu - The crimes of Grindelwald JSK

Neverland - Holy Cross JSK

 Pink me - Ballet JSK

Quaint lass - Rosée Matinal OP

Quaint lass - Gli elfi di Fiori  JSK

R-Series - Emperor's nightingale OP

Rabbit teeth - unknown purple JSK

Souffle Song - flower choosing girl JSK

Souffle Song - Mucha JSK

Souffle Song - red portrait OP 

Souffle song - unknown blue dress OP (For Sale)

Souffle song - youth in the mirror OP

Unknown Brand - A midsummer night's dream JSK

Unknown Brand - Angel JSK


Unknown Brand - Angel falls JSK

Unknown Brand - Deer JSK (for Sale)

Unknown Brand - Palace Tea party JSK

Unknown Brand - Pisces JSK

Unknown Brand - Rose bird print JS


Unknown Brand - Strawberry dress JSK

Yolanda - Florrie avec echos OP


Violet Fane - A school for wizards (Hufflepuff version) JSK

 Violet Fane - Memento Mori JSK