lolita coord

Hi everyone, 

thanks for checking out this very special database I made.

I'll be sharing my coordinates from 2013 to the present. Even though I have been a lolita since 2004 I did not include my weird years from 2004-2012 on purpose. You can see why in the timeline below.

The only year where I cheated a bit was in 2011. I couldn't find any pictures of me wearing lolita at all, but there probably are just no pictures. This outfit I shared on the timeline is actually a cosplay I made which has a kind of lolita "silhouette". 

The database is sorted by Brand name - Name of the dress (or if the name is no available, descriptive words of the print) OP (for one-piece, a dress with sleeves)/JSK (Jumperskirt, a dress without sleeves and more often only shoulder straps).


A3 - Afternoon tea JSK

A pastel pink dress with a cute teacup print on the skirt part and a side zip. The shoulder straps, detachable belt and two detachable ribbons have tiny flowers on them.
Price: Dress: 48.89$ +$6.48 International shipping + $5.56 Service Fee + $1.27 Customs Fee + $1.86 Insurance Fee = $64.05.
Bought in 2017. 


Abyss Museum - Dear Princess JSK

The print features Empress Elisabeth of Austria and two other unknown women. It has a detachable belt and a side zip.
Price:  JSK: HKD520 + Shipping HKD$175 = HKD695 (about 80€)
Bought in 2017 from Loliloli Paradise on Facebook


Alice and the pirates - floral JSK (Sold)

I got the dress from a friend who quit lolita. The overdress was cotton or a cotton mix and the chiffon was glittery and a bit scratchy. I did not like the floral pattern and that is the reason why I sold it. 
Got in 2018


Alice Girl (Taobao) - Angel voices Sweet JSK

After my Angelic pretty angel dress I needed another angel print dress. It fitted perfectly with the cross tights I also bought for the AP dress. Perfect!
Price: $36,99 + $10,50 = $47,49 USD (~€44,87)
Bought from My lolita dress in March 2020  


Angelic pretty - Dramatic Rose JSK

I bought this dress in Japan for -50% off at the Angelic Pretty store, I just love their winter and summer sale. It has a side zip but nothing detachable.
Price: ¥31,104.00 -50% = ¥15,552 (not sure if Tax was included but probably not)
Bought in December 2014


Angelic pretty - French girl OP (no full body picture)

I like the bottom half of the dress so much but the top part is a bit outdated with the cotton lace. I am thinking of removing it but I hate changing something on the original design of the dress, unless I can change it back again.
Price: JSK: $140 + Shipping $15 - Discount: $11 = $144 (around €112 at that time)
Bought between the years 2013/2014 from Takoyaki Co. together with the Angelic pretty Pastel Pearl OP.

Angelic Pretty - Le jardin des anges JSK

I saw the dress at the Angelic Pretty shop in Paris but didn't want to buy it for its full price. I hoped that the print was so unpopular that I could get it on sale. And I was right and I could even get it in my favourite colourway. I was so lucky!
Price: JSK: €193,20 + Shipping: €17 = €210,20
Bought on August 8, 2019

Angelic Pretty - Lacy Ballerina JSK

The dress was released in 2009 but as a poor student I did not have the money to buy this beautiful dress. When I saw it for sale in a lolita community sales group I immediately jumped at this opportunity. It is still one of my favourite dresses. The dress has a quite tulle overskirt with florals and big bows and a neck ribbon, which both are not detachable. The zip is on the side and almost opens all the way to the sleeve.
Price: 121,16€ including shipping from Germany to Austria
Bought in August 2013 secondhand from Livejournal

Angelic Pretty - Milky Swan JSK

At first I wanted to get a dress from the first release of milky swan but I did not like the cut of all the dresses. That was pretty sad as I loved the print and would have loved to call it my own. But Angelic Pretty made a special version out of it and I just went mad and bought it. Even though I usually stay away from those underbust cuts, I just thought, now or never.  The dress came with a hair bow in a special set. The zip is on the side and everything else is not detachable. The main fabric is a very soft chiffon with the swan motif printed on it.
Price: JSK: €180 + Shipping: €17 = €197 
Bought in January 2019

Angelic Pretty - Pastel pearl OP

The dress is a mix of soft chiffon frills and a sturdier cotton material. It has no shirring and is super tight around the chest. Usually I keep the back zip open and just wear a bolero or something over it. I like breathing. I haven't worn it in ages and I will probably sell it again. 
Price: JSK: $140 + Shipping $15 - Discount: $11 = $144 (around €112 at that time)
Bought between the years 2013/2014 from Takoyaki Co. together with the Angelic pretty French girl OP  

Baby the stars shine bright - Floral Tree OP

The dress was released in 2009 and I got it in closet child when I was in Tokyo between the years of 2014 and 2015. It's actually quite loose and I have to tighten it at the chest area which makes for an interesting lacing because it is always very uneven. What were once sleeves is actually just a big shoulder strap because the elastic is so old, it has lost all of its elasticity; the one thing it was created for.
Price: ???
Bought at Closet Child Tokyo in 2014


Baby the stars shine bright - flower garrett juliet (long) OP

This is another dress I bought at closet child. It was released in 2011 and reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. Of course I had to buy it. I wore this dress for my flight back to Europe because I couldn't stuff it into my suitcase anymore. All ribbons on the dress are not fixed and that means that I have to retie them every time I want to wear the dress. 
Price: ???
Bought at Closet Child Tokyo in 2014/2015


Baby the stars shine bright - (Dance scene) JSK

A friend moved into a smaller flat and let go of a lot of dresses and I was super happy I could snatch this dress. It has an invisible zip on the side and the second time I wanted to wear it, the zip broke. I nearly freaked out because that never happened before. I still haven't fixed it and it lays on the pile that needs to get repaired. 
Price: ???
Bought in 2020

Baby the stars shine bright - cherry ribbon print Sundress/チェリーリボン柄サンドレス   

I bought this dress at a bring and buy and I just love the 50s vibes it fives off. Usually I do not wear any  blouse and cheat with the large collar. It's a wonderful dress for summer.  
Price: ???
Bought in May 2019

Bodyline - floral JSK (For Sale)

I bought this dress second hand at the local thrift shop. What an unexpected find! I like the lines of it but it just doesn't suit me. Black is definitely not my preferred colour. 
Price: ???
Bought in 2019

Cherie Cerise - unfriendly cat and her loyal court JSK

This was another bring and buy fiend. The dress itself is a bit too big but I just loved the print and bought it anyway. 
Price: ???
Bought in May 2019

Cheval de bois - Swan Lake JSK

I bought this dress with matching tights from taobao via yoybuy. The tights look horrible on my legs and my hips are too big for it so I almost never wear it. But the dress itself is one of my go-to when I want to wear a simpler coordinate. 
Price: $78.69 + shipping in China: $2.46 + Shipping to Austria: $3.2 + Yoybuy Service fee: $1.55= $85.90 (Austrian taxes not included)
Bought in October 2015


Classical Puppets - Elisabeth Schloss Schönbrunn night daily JSK

An Empress Elisabeth of Austria print? Yes, yes, yes. I saw this dress at the bring and buy and was contemplating if I should buy it or not because the colours are usually not something I went for. But the print was so pretty that I decided to go for it anyway. Included in the set was the bonnet and the wrist cuffs. 
Price: ???
Bought in October 2019

Classtyle (Taobao) - A midsummer night's dream

Classtyle (Taobao) - Angels coming


Classtyle (Taobao) - Palace High Tea 

Dream Magical - Love letter to Margaret JSK

Another dress from a chinese brand I bought from Taobao via Yoybuy. I bought it in a blue/purple colourway and it is another dress I like to wear for informal occasions or events as it is nice and simple.
Price: JSK $45.95 plus Headbow: $5.95 + International shipping: $9.52 + Service Fee: $5.79 + Customs Fee: $1.32 = $72.33
Bought in September 2018

Emily temple cute - dolled up cat JSK

I love cats and fell in love with this cat print. It's very rare that I buy a dress at it's full price but I did for this one. Also the stripes on the dress remind me of candy cane. It's so cute.
Price: JPY 30,580 + Domestic Shipping fee within Japan: JPY 550 + WorldShopping service fee: JPY 3,113 = JPY 34,243
Bought in 2020.  

Fan+Friend - Rococo OP

A dress inspired by 18th century? Sign me the f- up. I just love this combination so much and I really need to start buying more dresses with this style. 
Price: $96.80 + Shipping: $13.33 = $110,13
Bought in 2014

Haenuli - Librarian Lady JSK

The library print is the prettiest one I have ever seen. Plus it's a secene from Stift Admont in Austria. How could I not buy it?
Price: $265 + International shipping with K-Pack: $22 = $287
Bought in February 2019

Hand made - floral JSK

This might be one of the view dresses I made that I really like. Usually I am super picky about what I do and sew but this turned out so nice, I almost have nothing bad to say about it. 
Price: ???
Handmade in 2017

Hand made by a friend - floral op (For Sale)

A gift from a friend who made the dress. 
Price: 0
Got in 2018

Hand made - Hufflepuff witch op

I made this dress for an Alice in Wonderland cosplay but never wore it for that cosplay. Instead I repurposed it and now it's my Hufflepuff dress!
Price: Material was probably about 5€ per meter, so maybe 10€
Made in 2017. See the wip here.

Infanta - The portrait of a lover JSK

The print is what got me again. It's a portrait print and pink. I am sold. 
Price: $79 + Free shipping
Bought in December 2017


Infanta - Snow white (Disney version) OP

The dress has a velvet bodice and a soft skirt and I definitely always feel like a princess wearing it. Luckily I do not have a step mother.
Price: ???
Bought in 2014 or 2015

Inori - The maiden of Versailles JSK

Another portrait dress? Yes, and it's fabulous. It is one of my favourite dresses I own. 
Price: 840 HKD (98,54€) + 130 HKD (15,06€) = 970 HKD (113,60€)
Bought in January 2019


Innocent World - Chiffon Tulle JSK

The dress was a super special sale back in 2017 and I could now let this opportunity pass. At first I wanted to get the pink version of it but only the white version was in this super special pack.
Price: JPY 4.000 + Tax: JPY 320 + Shipping: JPY 2.200 = JPY 6.520 (€57,28)
Bought in May 2017 

Innocent World - Sailor OP

The dress was a gift from my SO. He found it on an Austrian second hand page and bought if for me. He knows what I like, that's for sure!
Price: ???
Bought in 2020 or 2021

Innocent World - Dollhouse OP

The first time I saw the dress I did not like it. It seemed to have a weird cut and the house print was not that pretty. But seeing it in real life changed my opinion dramatically. I suddenly really liked it. A friend gave it to me as she stopped dressing in lolita. 
Price: 0
Got in 2018


Innocent world - Floral JSK

The dress is wonderful for casual wear. It's too long for my standard petticoat and most of the time I just don't wear one. Sue me :D. 
Price: €85+Shipping: 17.99= €102,99
Bought in January 2017

Innocent World - Tartan check Frederick trump JSK (For Sale)

The colours are just not mine, I can't help myself. It also reminds me of christmas because of the green, red, and white. It was another gift from my friend but I am putting it up for sale. Send me an email if you are interested!
Price: 0
Got in 2018

Innocent world - red rose JSK

Innocent world - Berangere Rose JSK

Another summer sale dress, it is one of my favourites and I have worn it so many times with so many different coords. It was originally released in 2012 and this dress is now a decade old. Oh my.
Price: JPY 11.445 
Ordered in July 2013

Innocent World - Side drape JSK (Sold)

I snatched this dress at the Innocent world summer sale, only wore it once and decided it did not fit my aesthetic and sold it. 
Price: JPY 6552
Bought in June 2013

Kaneko - Knight OP 

A dark dress called "Knight" with swords on it was definitely missing in my collection. But after buying it, it hung in my wardrobe until 2022 were I finally wore it for the first time. All of the accessories were missing and I didn't want to wear the dress without them. 
Price: $230 + Shipping $20 = $250 (€227,61)
Bought in October 2019

Krad Lanrete - Le portrait de Marie JSK

Super funny story about this dress and one my SO loves to tell is how I snatched this dress from a bring and buy just as another woman stretched out her arm to grab it. But it was my dream dress for such a long time and this was has the colourway I always wanted and the size. That was such a lucky find! Thank you, to whoever sold the dress and sorry again, to the woman I startled.  
Price: €80 if I remember correctly
Bought in October 2017

L'armoire de Versailles - Emma OP

To be honest, you will never see me in this dress without a bolero or a stola because the chest is so tight, it is impossible for me to close the zip. It is such a shame because I really love the cut and the making of it. But instead of a chest size 88-90, they sent me a dress with the chest size of 83cm. I am thinking of maybe adding a shirring to it but the sleeves are super tight too. Meh.
Price: HKD480 + Shipping: HKD 175 = HKD 655 (~USD$84)
Bought in July 2017

L'armoire de Versailles - Starlight Lily OP

The second dress from the lucky pack I bought. See the blog post about it here. The print is so pretty, I love glass stained window prints. 
Price: $99.99 for the lucky bag + Shipping: $21 = $120,99/€112,63 for two dresses and a scarf
Bought in 2020

L'armoire de versailles - The Dream of the Pearl’s Memory JSK

This dress came in the lucky pack and the print is lovely. I am just not a fan of this colour because I do not have anything to go with it. I combined it with blue shoes and a blue crown but that didn't really make me happy.  
Price: $99.99 for the lucky bag + Shipping: $21 = $120,99/€112,63 for two dresses and a scarf
Bought in 2020

Lady Sloth - Cherubim JSK

I bought the dress from a German seller on Lacemarket. It's a bit too big for me but that's not a problem. The top part is velvet and the bottom part is super soft.

€34.76 + Shipping

Bought second-hand in May 2019 from Lacemarket
Lady Sloth - unknown floral print JSK
Another bring and buy find and it was relatively cheap. So of course I had to buy it. Afterwards I realized it was a bit too big. Oh well, it is still wearable.
Price: ??


L'esprit de la noblesse - Le Boudoir de Madame  JSK


L'esprit de la noblesse - Sea goddess JSK

Leur Getter -  Royal Cat JSK

A friend sold this at a bring and buy at a very cheap price because the dress is slightly damaged. It is only visible if you look closely and small damages are usually not something I really care about. 
Price: ???

Magic tea party - unknown floral JSK

Bought in 2017


Magic tea party - unknown floral blue JSK


Mary Magdalene - unknown name olive OP

The only Mary Magdalene piece I own and it's in olive. That is so random. I hate olive as a colour but can't part with the dress because it's lovely and Mary Magdalene. 
Price: 0
Got in 2018


Metamorphose temps de fille - lace up doll JSK

I remember that my friend and I were super late for that lucky bag when we arrived on the 1st or 2nd of January and they just had a few lucky bags left. I snatched the black because that was the colour I wanted but the shopkeeper had to undress a mannequin to give my friend her preferred colourway.  
Price: YEN10.000 +  taxes: YEN800 = YEN10.800
Bought in 2015 in Tokyo. 

Metamorphose temps de fille - Pink tulle JSK


Miao Wu - The crimes of Grindelwald JSK

JK Rowling really went from beloved childhood hero to hated transphobe. I try to separate my love for Harry Potter but it is not easy especially with pretty house-dresses, like this one. Usually I stay away from yellow because it is my least favourite colour but everything for Hufflepuff! Even a yellow dress. 
Price: $71,95 + Shipping: $16,50 = $88,45 
Bought in 2020 via Clobbaonline.  

Neverland - Holy Cross JSK

I ordered the wrong dress. lol. I wanted the one with the cross as a chain but I accidentally ordered the one with the cross printed to the front. Oh well, it is still pretty though.
Price:HKD 655 + Shipping: HKD175 Total: HKD830
Bought in 2015


 Pink me (Taobao) - Ballet JSK

It's not visible at all but there are ballet shoes printed on the dress, hence the first ballet coord. 
Price: $ 62.30 + Domestic Shipping: $ 1.97 + International Shipping: $15.99 + Service Charge: $9.94 + Taxes: $1.29 = $91.49
Bought in July 2018 

Quaint lass - Rosée Matinal OP

The pictures look a bit differently and that is due to the fact that I change the dress a bit. In the end, I didn't like the flappy cape-like thing and removed it. I think it looks much better without. 
Price: Dress: $120.82 + Service fee from Yoybuy: $12.08 + International shipping: $19.44 + Customs fee: $1.31 + Insurance: $4.62 =  $153.27
Bought in 2016

Quaint lass - Gli elfi di Fiori  JSK

R-Series - Emperor's nightingale OP

And another bird dress,  how groundbreaking. But the gold outlines were just too impressive to not but it.
Price: $164,00 + Shipping: $45 = $209,00 (€197,51)
Bought in 2015


Rabbit teeth - Mermaid princess OP

I think that was one of my earliest chiffon dresses. I remember when I picked it up from the post office and opened it up and the chiffon just exploded into my face. Good times.
Price: HKD570 + Airmail: HKD185 = HKD755 (about €73)
Bought in 2014


Souffle Song - flower choosing girl JSK  Sold

Souffle Song - Kitty Courtyard JSK

Another dress, another cat print. Groundbreaking. I bought this dress via lacemarket from a spanish seller.
Price: €66 including shipping
Bought in October 2021

Souffle Song - Mucha JSK

This dress came in a lucky pack and I tried to find similar dresses but there are none? Did I get an earlier version? A test-made dress? I will never know.
Price: $39.99 (It was an 11.11 special Lucky bag for 39$ for 3 items plus free shipping)
Bought in 2020. Read my review here.

Souffle Song - Youth in the mirror OP 

I can not own too many portrait prints, can I? Red usually is not my colour and it clashes with the pink I currently have in my hair, therefore two out of the three pictures are wigs.
Price: €69,07 incl. shipping
Bought secondhand in 2020.


Souffle song - unknown blue dress OP (For Sale)

I got this dress in a lucky bag but I am not fond of blue on myself. I like the colour but it's just too dark for my personal style. 


Unknown Brand - Deer JSK (for Sale)


Unknown Brand - Pisces JSK


Unknown Brand - Rose bird print JSK


Unknown Brand - Strawberry dress JSK

Yolanda - Florrie avec echos OP

Price: HKD915 + Air mail shipping HKD185 Total: HKD1560
Bought in 2014 from Loliloliparadise.  


Violet Fane - A school for wizards (Hufflepuff version) JSK

That was my first Hufflepuff dress! Hooray! I am not that fond of the colour yellow, oh well. 
Price: €95.00 + Shipping: €14.90 = €109.90 
Bought in July 2019 


 Violet Fane - Memento Mori JSK

Price: €125.00 + Free shipping
Bought in May 2020




Bodyline skirt

Emily temple cute - tea skirt

Unkown brand - blue skirt Logo