lolita coord

Hello lovelies,

Lolita fashion is a Japanese subculture characterized by its Victorian-era inspired clothing, often featuring intricate lace, bows, and ruffles. It is a niche subculture that has gained momentum over the years, with its unique fashion aesthetic and style.

As a lolita enthusiast since 2004, I have amassed a vast collection of outfits that highlight the evolution of my personal style. I am excited to present a special database containing my lolita fashion coordinates starting from 2013 up until today and excluding my weird years from 2004-2013...for a good reason ;).

My collection features over 80 dresses, categorized by brand name, dress name, or descriptive print words, and type (OP or JSK). 

While a few dresses may not be included due to their age, this database offers a detailed look into my style journey and the many outfits that make up my wardrobe. Join me as we embark on a journey through the world of lolita fashion and explore the intricacies of this unique subculture.


A3 - Afternoon tea JSK

A pastel pink dress with a cute teacup print on the skirt part and a side zip. The shoulder straps, detachable belt and two detachable ribbons have tiny flowers on them.
Price: Dress: 48.89$ +$6.48 International shipping + $5.56 Service Fee + $1.27 Customs Fee + $1.86 Insurance Fee = $64.05.
Bought in 2017. 


Abyss Museum - Dear Princess JSK

The print features Empress Elisabeth of Austria and two other unknown women. It has a detachable belt and a side zip.
Price:  JSK: HKD520 + Shipping HKD$175 = HKD695 (about 80€)
Bought in 2017 from Loliloli Paradise on Facebook

Alice and the pirates - Ansie Princess OP

I got this at an online bring and buy during covid incl. one blouse and a bolero. The seller didn't want a lot of money and only wanted them to get a new good home. Thanks so much again! 
Price: 20€
Got it in January 2021

Alice and the pirates - floral JSK (Sold)

I got the dress from a friend who quit lolita. The overdress was cotton or a cotton mix and the chiffon was glittery and a bit scratchy. I did not like the floral pattern and that is the reason why I sold it. 
Got in 2018


Alice Girl - Angel voices Sweet JSK

After my Angelic pretty angel dress I needed another angel print dress. It fitted perfectly with the cross tights I also bought for the AP dress. Perfect!
Price: $36,99 + $10,50 = $47,49 USD (~€44,87)
Bought from My lolita dress in March 2020  


Angelic Pretty - Actress Lace JSK

This was my birthday present from my SO. He knows what I want!
Price: €236.40 + €20 Shipping = €256.40
Bought in February 2022

Angelic pretty - Dramatic Rose JSK

I bought this dress in Japan for -50% off at the Angelic Pretty store, I just love their winter and summer sale. It has a side zip but nothing detachable.
Price: ¥31,104.00 -50% = ¥15,552 (not sure if Tax was included but probably not)
Bought in December 2014


Angelic pretty - French girl OP (no full body picture)

I like the bottom half of the dress so much but the top part is a bit outdated with the cotton lace. I am thinking of removing it but I hate changing something on the original design of the dress, unless I can change it back again.
Price: JSK: $140 + Shipping $15 - Discount: $11 = $144 (around €112 at that time)
Bought in January 2014 from Takoyaki Co. together with the Angelic pretty Pastel Pearl OP.

Angelic Pretty - Le jardin des anges JSK

I saw the dress at the Angelic Pretty shop in Paris but didn't want to buy it for its full price. I hoped that the print was so unpopular that I could get it on sale. And I was right and I could even get it in my favourite colourway. I was so lucky!
Price: JSK: €193,20 + Shipping: €17 = €210,20
Bought on August 8, 2019

Angelic Pretty - Lacy Ballerina JSK

The dress was released in 2009 but as a poor student I did not have the money to buy this beautiful dress. When I saw it for sale in a lolita community sales group I immediately jumped at this opportunity. It is still one of my favourite dresses. The dress has a quite tulle overskirt with florals and big bows and a neck ribbon, which both are not detachable. The zip is on the side and almost opens all the way to the sleeve.
Price: 121,16€ including shipping from Germany to Austria
Bought in August 2013 secondhand from Livejournal

Angelic Pretty - Lemonade Float OP

Lemons, on a dress? Not my thing, I thought. And then I stood infront of this dress at the Angelic Pretty store and just had to buy it. I just had. It was so cute!! 
Price: 236,40€. The dress was on sale, the full price was 394€.
Bought in July 2022 

Angelic Pretty - Milky Swan JSK

At first I wanted to get a dress from the first release of milky swan but I did not like the cut of all the dresses. That was pretty sad as I loved the print and would have loved to call it my own. But Angelic Pretty made a special version out of it and I just went mad and bought it. Even though I usually stay away from those underbust cuts, I just thought, now or never.  The dress came with a hair bow in a special set. The zip is on the side and everything else is not detachable. The main fabric is a very soft chiffon with the swan motif printed on it.
Price: JSK: €180 + Shipping: €17 = €197 
Bought in January 2019

Angelic Pretty - Nighty Moon JSK

I was unsure if I should buy this dress because the cut always makes me look very pregnant. But then I thought...whatever lol.
Price: Yen 19800~ 123€
Bought at Closet Child Shinjuku in April 2024
No pictures yet

Angelic Pretty - Pastel pearl OP

The dress is a mix of soft chiffon frills and a sturdier cotton material. It has no shirring and is super tight around the chest. Usually I keep the back zip open and just wear a bolero or something over it. I like breathing. I haven't worn it in ages and I will probably sell it again. 
Price: JSK: $140 + Shipping $15 - Discount: $11 = $144 (around €112 at that time)
Bought in 2014 from Takoyaki Co. together with the Angelic pretty French girl OP  

Angelic Pretty - Secred daisy garden OP

The dresses at Harajukus closet child branch are hidden behind other dresses and you need a QR code to access them. Pretty weird system but ok. I saw a small peak of the print and wanted the dress immediately. Isn't it cute?
Price: Yen 27500 ~172€
Bought at Closet Child Harajuku in April 2024

Angelic Pretty - Shadow dreamy carnival

Another closet child harajuku find. 
Price: Yen 16500 ~103€
Bought at Closet Child Harajuku in April 2024
No pictures yet

Baby the stars shine bright - Floral Tree OP

The dress was released in 2009 and I got it in closet child when I was in Tokyo between the years of 2014 and 2015. It's actually quite loose and I have to tighten it at the chest area which makes for an interesting lacing because it is always very uneven. What were once sleeves is actually just a big shoulder strap because the elastic is so old, it has lost all of its elasticity; the one thing it was created for.
Price: ???
Bought at Closet Child Tokyo in 2014 


Baby the stars shine bright - flower garrett juliet (long) OP

This is another dress I bought at closet child. It was released in 2011 and reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. Of course I had to buy it. I wore this dress for my flight back to Europe because I couldn't stuff it into my suitcase anymore. All ribbons on the dress are not fixed and that means that I have to retie them every time I want to wear the dress. 
Price: ???
Bought at Closet Child Tokyo in 2015


Baby the stars shine bright - (Dance scene) JSK

A friend moved into a smaller flat and let go of a lot of dresses and I was super happy I could snatch this dress. It has an invisible zip on the side and the second time I wanted to wear it, the zip broke. I nearly freaked out because that never happened before. I still haven't fixed it yet.
Price: ???
Bought in 2020

Baby the stars shine bright - cherry ribbon print Sundress/チェリーリボン柄サンドレス   

I bought this dress at a bring and buy and I just love the 50s vibes it fives off. Usually I do not wear any  blouse and cheat with the large collar. It's a wonderful dress for summer.  
Price: ???
Bought in May 2019

Bodyline - floral JSK  Sold

I bought this dress second hand at the local thrift shop. What an unexpected find! I like the lines of it but it just doesn't suit me. Black is definitely not my preferred colour. 
Price: ???
Bought in 2019

Bacio Bouquet - Strawberry special JSK set

A strawberry dress! How could I not buy it. 
Price: Yen 5500~ €34
Bought at Closet Child Ikebukuro in March 2024



Cherie Cerise - unfriendly cat and her loyal court JSK

This was another bring and buy fiend. The dress itself is a bit too big but I just loved the print and bought it anyway. 
Price: ???
Bought in May 2019

Cheval de bois - Swan Lake JSK

I bought this dress with matching tights from taobao via yoybuy. The tights look horrible on my legs and my hips are too big for it so I almost never wear it. But the dress itself is one of my go-to when I want to wear a simpler coordinate. 
Price: $78.69 + shipping in China: $2.46 + Shipping to Austria: $3.2 + Yoybuy Service fee: $1.55= $85.90 (Austrian taxes not included)
Bought in October 2015


Classical Puppets - Elisabeth Schloss Schönbrunn night daily JSK

An Empress Elisabeth of Austria print? Yes, yes, yes. I saw this dress at the bring and buy and was contemplating if I should buy it or not because the colours are usually not something I went for. But the print was so pretty that I decided to go for it anyway. Included in the set was the bonnet and the wrist cuffs. 
Price: ???
Bought in October 2019

Classtyle (Taobao) - A midsummer night's dream

Price: $89
Bought in 2021 from Glitzywonderland

Classtyle (Taobao) - Angels coming

Price: $79
Bought in 2021 from Glitzywonderland

Classtyle (Taobao) - Palace High Tea 

Price: $69
Bought in 2021 from Glitzywonderland


Dream Magical - Love letter to Margaret JSK

Another dress from a chinese brand I bought from Taobao via Yoybuy. I bought it in a blue/purple colourway and it is another dress I like to wear for informal occasions or events as it is nice and simple.
Price: JSK $45.95 plus Headbow: $5.95 + International shipping: $9.52 + Service Fee: $5.79 + Customs Fee: $1.32 = $72.33
Bought in September 2018

Duchess Milianda - Katkins

My so bought this dress for me as a christmas present, but it only arrived in march but was the perfect timing for my birthday present. This dress also makes sense in German as the German word for the plant is "Palmkätzchen" and "kätzchen" is the german word for a small kitten (the end -chen is diminutive).
Price: 0
Bought in 2023 - arrived 03/2024. 

Duchess Milianda - Rococo Dance Macabre

My so bought this dress for me as a christmas present, but it only arrived in march but was the perfect timing for my birthday present. 
Price: 0
Bought in 2023 - arrived 03/2024. 

Emily temple cute - dolled up cat JSK

I love cats and fell in love with this cat print. It's very rare that I buy a dress at it's full price but I did for this one. Also the stripes on the dress remind me of candy cane. It's so cute.
Price: JPY 30,580 + Domestic Shipping fee within Japan: JPY 550 + WorldShopping service fee: JPY 3,113 = JPY 34,243 ~ €286
Bought in 2020.  

Emily temple cute - Favorite Print

Bunnies and letters? Sign me up. The dress is not in a great condition and there is some discolouring from the fabric. Hence, the very cheap price.
Price: Yen 4400~ €27,5
Bought at Closet Child Shinjuku in April 2024
No pictures yet

Fan+Friend - Rococo OP

A dress inspired by 18th century? Sign me the f- up. I just love this combination so much and I really need to start buying more dresses with this style. 
Price: $96.80 + Shipping: $13.33 = $110,13
Bought in 2014

Haenuli - Librarian Lady JSK

The library print is the prettiest one I have ever seen. Plus it's a secene from Stift Admont in Austria. How could I not buy it?
Price: $265 + International shipping with K-Pack: $22 = $287
Bought in February 2019

Hand made - floral JSK

This might be one of the view dresses I made that I really like. Usually I am super picky about what I do and sew but this turned out so nice, I almost have nothing bad to say about it. 
Price: ???
Handmade in 2017

Hand made by a friend - floral op (For Sale)

A gift from a friend who made the dress. 
Price: 0
Got in 2018

Hand made - Hufflepuff witch op

I made this dress for an Alice in Wonderland cosplay but never wore it for that cosplay. Instead I repurposed it and now it's my Hufflepuff dress!
Price: Material was probably about 5€ per meter, so maybe 10€
Made in 2017. See the wip here.

Infanta - The portrait of a lover JSK

The print is what got me again. It's a portrait print and pink. I am sold. 
Price: $79 + Free shipping
Bought in December 2017


Infanta - Snow white (Disney version) OP

The dress has a velvet bodice and a soft skirt and I definitely always feel like a princess wearing it. Luckily I do not have a step mother. It was on sale on loliloli paradise and for that price, I couldn't say no.
Price: 300 HKD (about 30-40€)
Bought in 2015

Inori - The maiden of Versailles JSK

Another portrait dress? Yes, and it's fabulous. It is one of my favourite dresses I own. 
Price: 840 HKD (98,54€) + 130 HKD (15,06€) = 970 HKD (113,60€)
Bought in January 2019

Innocent World - Chiffon Tulle JSK

The dress was a super special sale back in 2017 and I could now let this opportunity pass. At first I wanted to get the pink version of it but only the white version was in this super special pack.
Price: JPY 4.000 + Tax: JPY 320 + Shipping: JPY 2.200 = JPY 6.520 (€57,28)
Bought in May 2017 

Innocent World - Sailor OP

The dress was a gift from my SO. He found it on an Austrian second hand page and bought if for me. He knows what I like, that's for sure!
Price: -
Bought in February 2021

Innocent World - Dollhouse OP

The first time I saw the dress I did not like it. It seemed to have a weird cut and the house print was not that pretty. But seeing it in real life changed my opinion dramatically. I suddenly really liked it. A friend gave it to me as she stopped dressing in lolita. 
Price: -
Got in 2018


Innocent world - Floral JSK

The dress is wonderful for casual wear. It's too long for my standard petticoat and most of the time I just don't wear one. Sue me :D. 
Price: €85+Shipping: 17.99= €102,99
Bought in January 2017

Innocent World - Tartan check Frederick trump JSK Sold

The colours are just not mine, I can't help myself. It also reminds me of christmas because of the green, red, and white. It was another gift from my friend but I am putting it up for sale. Send me an email if you are interested!
Price: 0
Got in 2018

Innocent world - red rose JSK

Tbh, this dress is a mystery. I have no idea where I bought it and I absolutely can not find it on lacemarket, facebook market nor any other sites I usually frequent. Maybe I bought it from an Austrian Lolita or at a bring and buy? 
Bought in 2019

Innocent world - Berangere Rose JSK

Another summer sale dress, it is one of my favourites and I have worn it so many times with so many different coords. It was originally released in 2012 and this dress is now a decade old. Oh my.
Price: JPY 11.445 (about 83€)
Ordered in July 2013

Innocent World - Side drape JSK (Sold)

I snatched this dress at the Innocent world summer sale, only wore it once and decided it did not fit my aesthetic and sold it. 
Price: JPY 6552 (around 50€)
Bought in June 2013

Innocent world - Tea time OP

Somebody repositioned the waist ties for a lower waist. I will reposition them.
Price: Yen 8800~ €55
Bought at Closet Child Ikebukuro in March 2024
No pictures yet

Kaneko - Knight OP 

A dark dress called "Knight" with swords on it was definitely missing in my collection. But after buying it, it hung in my wardrobe until 2022 were I finally wore it for the first time. All of the accessories were missing and I didn't want to wear the dress without them. 
Price: $230 + Shipping $20 = $250 (€227,61)
Bought in October 2019

Krad Lanrete - Le portrait de Marie JSK

Super funny story about this dress and one my SO loves to tell is how I snatched this dress from a bring and buy just as another woman stretched out her arm to grab it. But it was my dream dress for such a long time and this was has the colourway I always wanted and the size. That was such a lucky find! Thank you, to whoever sold the dress and sorry again, to the woman I startled.  
Price: €80 if I remember correctly
Bought in October 2017

L'armoire de Versailles - Emma OP

To be honest, you will never see me in this dress without a bolero or a stola because the chest is so tight, it is impossible for me to close the zip. It is such a shame because I really love the cut and the making of it. But instead of a chest size 88-90, they sent me a dress with the chest size of 83cm. I am thinking of maybe adding a shirring to it but the sleeves are super tight too. Meh.
Price: HKD480 + Shipping: HKD 175 = HKD 655 (~USD$84)
Bought in July 2017

L'armoire de Versailles - Starlight Lily OP

The second dress from the lucky pack I bought. See the blog post about it here. The print is so pretty, I love glass stained window prints. 
Price: $99.99 for the lucky bag + Shipping: $21 = $120,99/€112,63 for two dresses and a scarf
Bought in 2020

L'armoire de versailles - The Dream of the Pearl’s Memory JSK SOLD

This dress came in the lucky pack and the print is lovely. I am just not a fan of this colour because I do not have anything to go with it. I combined it with blue shoes and a blue crown but that didn't really make me happy.  
Price: $99.99 for the lucky bag + Shipping: $21 = $120,99/€112,63 for two dresses and a scarf
Bought in 2020

Lady Sloth - Cherubim JSK

I bought the dress from a German seller on Lacemarket. It's a bit too big for me but that's not a problem. The top part is velvet and the bottom part is super soft.

€34.76 + 7,11€ Shipping = €41,87

Bought second-hand in May 2019 from Lacemarket
Lady Sloth - unknown floral print JSK
Another bring and buy find and it was relatively cheap. So of course I had to buy it. Afterwards I realized it was a bit too big. Oh well, it is still wearable.
Price: ??


L'esprit de la noblesse - Le Boudoir de Madame  JSK

I just love the L'esprit de la noblesse designs. They have these feeling of grandieur and with their numerous details they are definitely one of my favourite.
Price:$215 + Shipping: $35 = $250
Bought in 2021 

L'esprit de la noblesse - Sea goddess JSK

This beautiful dress came with a scarf and just feels so wonderful. The print is crisp and even though I usually wouldn't go for this blue/green colour, it was so pretty that I didn't care. 
Price: $230 + Shipping: $5 (combi shipping with the Le Boudoire de Madame dress) = $235 (€219,91)
Bought in 2021

Leur Getter - Fruit Plate Print JSK

Teacups and strawberries? Hell yes!
Price: Yen 7.700 ~ €48
Bought at Closet child osaka in March 2024

Leur Getter -  Royal Cat JSK

A friend sold this at a bring and buy at a very cheap price because the dress is slightly damaged. It is only visible if you look closely and small damages are usually not something I really care about. 
Price: ???
Bought on the 1st of May 2019

Leur Getter - strawberry Print OP

Yes, another strawberry dress.
Price: Yen 11.000 ~ €69
Bought at Closet child osaka in March 2024
Lolibrary Link
No pictures yet 

Magic tea party - Spring floral printed JSK

The dress is a bit* tight around the chest area. I like to wear it in summer as the ruffles cover the shoulders and I like to wear it without a blouse.
Price: ???
Bought in November 2016


Magic tea party - Veronica JSK

Another pretty but tight dress. Or my boobs have just grown over the years. 
It's a pretty one-layered dress and perfect for summer.
Price: about 25€ if I remember correctly. 
Bought at the Bring and Buy from the Meta tea party in Vienna in October 2015


Mary Magdalene - unknown name olive OP

The only Mary Magdalene piece I own and it's in olive. That is so random. I hate olive as a colour but can't part with the dress because it's lovely and Mary Magdalene. 
Price: 0
Got in 2018


Metamorphose temps de fille - lace up doll JSK

I remember that my friend and I were super late for that lucky bag when we arrived on the 1st or 2nd of January and they just had a few lucky bags left. I snatched the black because that was the colour I wanted but the shopkeeper had to undress a mannequin to give my friend her preferred colourway.  
Price: YEN 10.000 +  taxes: YEN 800 = YEN 10.800 (about €80)
Bought in 2015 in Tokyo. 

Metamorphose temps de fille - Pink tulle JSK

Meta had this special Valentines set for all online costumers for only 10.000 exl. taxes which included this dress, a hairclip and two pair of socks.  
Price: Yen 10.800 + Shipping: Yen 2.800 = Yen 13.600 (about €100)
Bought in February 2015

Miao Wu - The crimes of Grindelwald JSK

JK Rowling really went from beloved childhood hero to hated transphobe. I try to separate my love for Harry Potter but it is not easy especially with pretty house-dresses, like this one. Usually I stay away from yellow because it is my least favourite colour but everything for Hufflepuff! Even a yellow dress. 
Price: $71,95 + Shipping: $16,50 = $88,45 
Bought in 2020 via Clobbaonline.  


I saw the dress in Atelier Pierrot and fell in love with it.
Price: Yen 38.500 ~ €240
Bought in March 2024
No pictures yet

Neverland - Holy Cross JSK

I ordered the wrong dress. lol. I wanted the one with the cross as a chain but I accidentally ordered the one with the cross printed to the front. Oh well, it is still pretty though.
Price:HKD 655 + Shipping: HKD175 Total: HKD830
Bought in 2015


 Pink me - Ballet JSK

It's not visible at all but there are ballet shoes printed on the dress, hence the first ballet coord. 
Price: $ 62.30 + Domestic Shipping: $ 1.97 + International Shipping: $15.99 + Service Charge: $9.94 + Taxes: $1.29 = $91.49
Bought in July 2018 

Pyshkin Pyshkin - Floral Trellis JSK

coming soon

Quaint lass - Rosée Matinal OP

The pictures look a bit differently and that is due to the fact that I change the dress a bit. In the end, I didn't like the flappy cape-like thing and removed it. I think it looks much better without. 
Price: Dress: $120.82 + Service fee from Yoybuy: $12.08 + International shipping: $19.44 + Customs fee: $1.31 + Insurance: $4.62 =  $153.27
Bought in 2016

Quaint lass - Gli elfi di Fiori JSK

And another bird dress. But what I really love about the dress is the cut, revealing the birds at the top. It's just so magical!

Price: $93,50 +Shipping: $9,62 +Service fee (yoybuy): $8,19 + Customs fee (yoybuy): 0,63 + Insurance: $3,03 = $109,01

Bought in September 2016

R-Series - Emperor's nightingale OP

And another bird dress, how groundbreaking. But the gold outlines were just too impressive to not but it. The shipping price was surprisingly high, it almost made me cancel the dress. But I'm glad I didn't.
Price: $164,00 + Shipping: $45 = $209,00 (€197,51)
Bought in 2015


Rabbit teeth - Mermaid princess OP

I think that was one of my earliest chiffon dresses. I remember when I picked it up from the post office and opened it up and the chiffon just exploded into my face. Good times.
Price: HKD570 + Airmail: HKD185 = HKD755 (about €73)
Bought in 2014


Souffle Song - flower choosing girl JSK  Sold

The dress was a tad too long for me. As much as I liked the print, the black colour didn't make me happy and I sold it in 2022.
Price: $74,77 Shipping and Handling: $4.57 = $79.34
Bought in 2015

Souffle Song - Kitty Courtyard JSK

Another dress, another cat print. Groundbreaking. I bought this dress via lacemarket from a spanish seller. It's bit longer than I thought but I am also really tiny.
Price: €66 including shipping
Bought in October 2021 


Souffle Song - Mucha JSK

This dress came in a lucky pack and I tried to find similar dresses but there are none? Did I get an earlier version? A test-made dress? I will never know.
Price: $39.99 (It was an 11.11 special Lucky bag for 39$ for 3 items plus free shipping)
Bought in 2020. Read my review here.

Souffle Song - Youth in the mirror OP 

I can not own too many portrait prints, can I? Red usually is not my colour and it clashes with the pink I currently have in my hair, therefore two out of the three pictures are wigs.
Price: €69,07 incl. shipping
Bought secondhand in 2020.


Souffle song - unknown blue dress OP Sold

I got this dress in a lucky bag but I am not fond of blue on myself. I like the colour but it's just too dark for my personal style. 


Unknown brand- Bunny JSK


We had a lunar year bunny meet-up in January 2023 and I ordered the dress from Aliexpress. 
Price: 32,89€
Bought in December 2022

Unknown Brand - Deer JSK Sold

Even though I really like deers, I am not that fond of this dress. The stock picture looks so much better.
Price: $39
Bought in 2017 from Glitzywonderland

Unknown Brand - Pisces JSK

The dress has no shirring in the back and is super tight. 
Price: $39
Bought in December 2017 from Glitzywonderland


Unknown Brand - Rose bird print JSK

When I saw the dress on the site, I thought the material would be cotton? I don't know why though. I just remember being super irritated when I first touched the dress and it was made out of polyester. At least the print is cute and it doesn't really show that much. 
Price: €27,51 incl. shipping
Bought on Ebay back in 2017

Unknown Brand - Strawberry dress JSK

Another cheap dress which doesn't look like it. The material is cotton and the plaid looks great. The print looks a bit washed out though. 
Price: € 38,83
Bought in 2021 from Aliexpress

Yolanda - Florrie avec echos OP

This dress....I love this dress. I really do. But I made the mistake of taking it in size M and if I gain weight, my boobs suddenly don't fit anymore. It's such a shame. I would gladly exchange it for a bigger size but it's not produced anymore :(.
Price: HKD915 + Air mail shipping HKD185 Total: HKD1560
Bought in 2014 from Loliloliparadise.  


Violet Fane - A school for wizards (Hufflepuff version) JSK

That was my first Hufflepuff dress! Hooray! I am not that fond of the colour yellow, oh well. The things I do for Hufflepuss. 
Price: €95.00 + Shipping: €14.90 = €109.90 
Bought in July 2019 


Violet Fane - Memento Mori JSK Sold

Another rare dark piece, but perfect for Halloween coords or just dark and melancholy moods.
Price: €125.00 + Free shipping
Bought in May 2020



Bodyline skirt 

Bought secondhand

Bodyline - cake skirt (sold)

Emily temple cute - tea skirt

Price: ???

Bought in May 2017 at a bring & buy


La Petit fille - Madame rococo

A beautiful skirt made in Great Britain. 
Price: £60 dress +£12,65 shipping = £72,65 (€106,13)

Bought in 2015

Souffle song - blue skirt (for sale)


Price: $ 49.53+ Shipping and Handling: $4.57 = $54,10

Bought in 2015