Finished cosplays

This is an almost complete list of all of the cosplays I did. 

All titles with * link to my animexx account


Ariel cosplay

Rococo Elsa Cosplay


 Historical Alice in Wonderland
Wip: 1


WIP 1 2 3

 Ariel Art nouveau vers. by Hannah Alexander

Ion from Trinity Blood. Picture by Greencat.
WIP 1 2


Anri child vers. from Adekan
Wip: 1 2 3 4 5

Ange from Cross Ange
Wip:  Bag Gloves

Hungary wedding gown version from Axis powers Hetalia.
Wip: 1 2 3

Hungary 7 years war version from Axis powers Hetalia 

Wip: 1 2 3 4


Merry-go-round pony by Sakizou
Wip 1 2 3 4 5

 Haruka Nanami from Uta no prince-sama


 Female Norway from Axis powers Hetalia

Nyo!Hetalia Austria from Axis powers hetalia 

 Mirka Fortuna from Trinity Blood
Wip 1 2 3 

 Chrono guards by Kagehana

Hikari from Strawberry Panic

Ion Fortuna from trinity blood/ Old version.
Wip: 1 2  3


 Shiro from Adekan
Wip 1 2 3

Tatjana from Eugin Onegin

Nyo!Austria in a dirndl version from Axis powers hetalia

Shiro in a child version from Adekan
Wip 1

Nyo!England in a historical costume from Axis powers Hetalia

Wip 1

Hungary historical version from Axis powers Hetalia
Wip 1 2


Mikoto from Princess Princess

Anastasia secret dress version from shadow hearts

  Taiwan in her asian class uniform from Axis powers hetalia


 Hungary chess version from Axis powers Hetalia

Yui from K-on

Nile from Goulart Knights*

Kanon from Umineko no naka koro ni*


Rosa, Nyo!England from Axis powers Hetalia

Itsuki from Sengoku Basara*

 Alec from the book "nightrunner series" by Lynn Flewelling

 Finland from Axis powers hetalia

Taiwan from Axis powers hetalia

Liechtenstein in a historical version from Axis powers hetalia*

Firi from Lamento*

Sealand from Axis powers Hetalia*

Ayase from Okane ga nai*

Chibi romano from axis powers hetalia*

Nyo!America from axis powers hetalia*


Lily Evans from Harry potter*

Shuichi from Gravitation

Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler*

Rin from Togainu no chi*

Hikari from Strawberry panic*

Shuichi in an Artbook version from Gravition

Sunao Fujimori from Sukisyo



Ruiza from the band D*

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