Other tutorials

Hello lovelies,

in this sections you will basically find everything that doesn't fit the J-fashion or Historical tutorials. 

I can only recommend the witch's hat, it is a ton of work but the result is super satisfying. 

Get a preview pic on Blogger: This tutorial explains how I do my preview pictures without them popping up as the first picture in the text. 
Level: Beginner

Sleeping Mask Tutorial: This quick and easy tutorial is great for all of your fabric leftovers.
Level: Intermediate

Recangular mask tutorial: a bit nifty and not your regular tutorial because I wanted the elastic straps to be invisible.
Level: Intermediate

Round Mask Tutorial: I won't exaggerate but in the year 2020 I probably made 50 of these masks and gave them away to friends, colleagues and family. Also perfect for fabric leftovers!
Level: Intermediate

Witch's Hat Tutorial: How complicated did I want a hat to be? Yes. But the result is stunning. The pleated brim really makes the hat stand out. 
Level: Advanced