December 06, 2012

Hello lovelies,

I just needed a short break from studying and then suddenly it was three a.m. Whups. That was not planned.
Nevertheless I bring you a few pictures of my daily outfits and a maybe useful tip if you want to cosplay Norway from APH Hetalia.
So, that was what I was wearing today and yesterday:

 The difference in colour is astonishing. My camera is really weird, isn't it?

That's a baby penguin which Lena gave to me ;___; IT IS SO CUTE! And I named it Josephine, now I have baby Josephine and Napoleon cuddling in my bed, I will die of cuteness overload >////<!

I was at claire's yesterday and stumbled across a hairpin in the shape of Norway's cross, only in a black-ish, silver-ish colour. But I really liked it and therefore also bought it. It costs 5,95€ in Europe and I do not know since when they have it or for how long. Please hurry to the next claire's if you want one!

I still wear the old cross on my Norway picture...
..and yes, I had earplugs in the shape of a strawberry cupcake in my ears. Not very Norway-ish lala~


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