24h lolita sewing project

April 01, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I started a new project called "24h Lolita sewing project" in which I will try to sew a full Lolita outfit in only 24h. And not only a plain one, but one with a loooot of frills and bows.

Day 1
just did the patterns and worked 2h on them

 Yey for paper patterns!

 And this is how my dress should look like. I took three things from three different magazines and combined them. Not on the list is a skirt for underneath.

 Day 2

This is what I did and how day two ended:
1. Nearly finished the top and I love the frills.
2. Top skirt part
3. Under Skirt part
4. Round sleave thingy
5. Sleaves, sewed together already

It took me 6 1/2 h. I think I progress well.
8 1/2 from 24h and 11 1/2h more to go ;D

oh and I know that the pattern is not a typical Lolita one. But I want to try something new. Maybe it works out well, maybe it doesn't.


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