Korea part 3.2: shopping

June 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,

part 2 of my shopping spree.
K. and my first trip in Seoul was to Myeongdong, a biiiig shopping district. I can't even say street because the shops are everywhere you go. And you really have to go far into either direction to find and end to that shopping madness.
It has a lot of "western" shops but also a lot of Korean brands. And I fell in love with Etude house because of all the cute make-up they have! But no matter where you go, you'll always have an Etude house in your surrounding. I'm not even joking OTL.
If you buy something from the make-up stores they will always give you small freebies. I bought a cute little rouge powderbox and they included freebies from a strawberry shower gel (oh, that smell! Pure bliss!) and from their newest BB cream: Precious BB cream Mineral cotton fit.

One little freebie pack was enough for two days. But I didn't need two days to decide to buy it. The colour fits my face perfectly, it has sunscreen and whitening. Even after wearing it for more than 6 hour in a 30°C walk in Insadong and one of the palace, my noce was only a bit shiny. Less than my usual MAC foundation.

Okay, back to myeongdong |D.
It's not as cheap as the Underground express bus termin I mentioned earlier this week. It has definitely more "brand" shops and more expensive shops.
And there are plenty of coffeeshops and restaurants too.
As in all the other parts of the city, there are a lot of vendors selling cheap goods, lemonade or food too. 

You can reach the shopping district via the metro line 4. Or with the line 2, but careful!
The station is not called Myeongdong but Euljiro 1-ga.


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