30 day lolita challenge, day 9 and 10

July 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,
I will continue with the lolita challenge day 9 and 10. 
Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.
  1. eat something with a lot of sauce. I tend to get food stains everywhere.
  2. I will never wear a skirt or dress without a petticoat. 
  3. not only in Lolita but also in personal affairs I will be never sexist or rassist or homophob/transgenderphob. It disgusts me.
  4. I never send anon hate 
mhh...can't think of more..

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?
  1. Medicine. Allergypills, pain medicine, eyedrops, plaster
  2. my mobile phone
  3. my purse and and another one just for my cards 
  4. tissues
  5. my calendar. I can't live without it because I am so forgetful. 
  6. an umbrella...
  7. my ipod
  8. a book. I never go out without a book! Currently I read Privilige of the sword by Ellen Kushner
  9. a small bottle of water and chewing gum or some sweets
  10. lipgloss or my small make-up bag. Depends on the event :3
At yesterdays donation party I could grab a few good items!

 Necklace with ribbons, cameo, flowers, pearls. Everything I love!

 Dress plus flower detail.

 Front, back and details of a very flowery and shirt gyaru dress

 A pink sweater plus two detail pictures

The next two pictures are not from the donation event. I bought them in Bukarest and I am pretty sure, that I didn't post pictures yet.
Both are from the store Lashez. I don't know anything about this store but I will definitely try to get some more clothes from this store. The clothes were really wonderful!

 Front and back. The back is low cut in a heart shaped form.
I love the skirt. It's really poofy!


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