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July 11, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Innocent world has a sale again.
Yes, I did buy something again. But I limited myself on just buying one dress on sale and I managed! Hooray!

I fell in love with this print. It's lovely! All the roses and bows and frill! Plus, it had -50% off *__*
The original price was 22.890 and now its 11,445! With shipping I paid around 14.000Yen (110€!!!)

Features (taken from the Innocent world homepage) ・Detachable waist ribbon
・Shirring back
・Original lace
・Adjustable shoulder straps (by moving button)

 And that was my lolita dress of the month. I am not allowed to get anything else anymore (a rule I made up because I was buying too much lolita stuff the past few months.) but only for lolita fashion.
This means, I can still get a new Dirndl and/or a gyaru outfit and/or 50s/pin up and/or flapper.
And I really want to get something from Lena Hoschek! But maybe next month again.

Next month I will also be in Munich for 5 days and I plan to go to Berlin again in September. And my friend is already informed about the shopping days! I hope to get a lot of vintage stuff (which are much too expensive in Austria) in Munich or Germany.
Cross your fingers for me ^____^!


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