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August 13, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Remember my post on buyee? seems like the situation run out of my control because I didn't buy just one or two things. No, at the moment I am waiting for six items. And I didn't win three items. Yikes.
But I will do a package consolidation. That means that I wait until all items arrive at the warehouse, then I have to pay a fee of 1.000Yen (about 8 euro) and everything will be packed into one big parcel. It definitely saves shipping cost :3
Here are the things I bought (be aware that all these pictures are not mine of course...) :


This is a pink Liz Lisa Pullover in M. I hope it's as soft as it looks like *-*

A Liz Lisa Dress with flowers.

Ribbon shoes from Dream V

A doujinshi! It had to be XD I hope it's good |D

And then two items for Lena

A FrUk Doujinshi and a Tiger and Bunny figure.

I'm already excited. :3


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