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August 07, 2013

Hello lovelies,

remember my Taobao post a while ago?
It seems like hotmail swallows emails it does not like.
I registered with a gmail address I made and the registration email arrived in not even a second. Hooray!

But as for now, I want to talk about a different shopping service.
Buyee is a site which bids for Yahoo Auction Japan for you. Which is terrific! There are so many wonderful and cheap items on this site!
At first you have to register and this is very easy because the site is also available in English. But be aware that you also have to confirm your paypal or visa card during the registration progress. After you do that, you are able to bid on anything you want!

See this handy box? Just enter the URL of the page you want or the name of an item eg. Liz lisa, Angelic Pretty, etc and this box will find the items for you and even translate the japanese article description.
Tip: The first page is always full with the newest items and  the last page is full with items were the time is running out.

Bidding is easy too! But be aware that there are a lot of fees.

Eg. I want to bid on this dress. Start price is 100yen.  I go up 110yen, plus payment fee 200yen and buyee service fee 500 yen. The total amount is 810 yen. only pay the fees when you actually win the item.

Buyee ships only with EMS except when the items are too bulky. They then send with UPS. They even have a wonderful shipping estimation tool:

I didn't win the dress. I bid on a nice Liz Lisa Pullover and won it. Yey!
So, here the calculation:
 The pullover was 2.000Yen, Buyee service fee was 500yen and payment fee is 200Yen.
And this 2.700Yen was booked off the paypal immediately. You don't have to do anything. I am not really comfortable with this system, that buyee is able to book off money on their own. I will keep an eye on my paypal bills.


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