Buyee and Lolita coord

September 12, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Connichi is coming up this weekend and I have been in quite a stress again, hence the lack of entries.
But everything will cool down now after the convention and I will have time again. Yey!

Remember the post I made about buyee shopping? Well...I finally have my stuff

 There is a special service fee for package consolidating.
- Grouping 2 packages together: 500 JPY
- Grouping more than 3 packages together: 1000 JPY
I grouped together my 5 items for 1000Yen (about 7-8€). And then only paid for one shipping, which is so much cheaper than paying shipping for every single item!

I am super happy with the service and I can just recommend it! Although in the end it was not that cheap.

Another parcel came with my cosplay business cards. kekeke.

Front and back! Nice, isn't it?

I have no picture of my cosplay for Connichi but I made some pictures of my Lolita coord I want to wear on Friday...

I can finally wear my bonnet!!!
Dress: Innocent world
Bonnet: Taobao
Blouse: H.Naoto
Shoes (not on the picture): Ebay
Rest: offbrand


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