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September 02, 2013

Hello lovelies,

my day consists of work and sewing with food in between. Uff, my back aches.
I'm currently working a specialjob; hostess for a big event. And this is the outfit they gave us:

Yeeeey, a cute black dress with a golden sash! It's much cuter than the usual trouser, blouse and blazer combination. I hate trousers!

oh and I bought two secondhand blouses for only 40€! Two for 40€ is so cheap. Normally one blouse costs 40€ already.
A short sleaved grey frilly blouse!

And a frilly white blouse with detachable jabot! Both are so lovely! And one can never have enough blouses, especially in Lolita fashion ;D

and now to my wip...
This skirt is the reason why I am not freaked out by those pudding stains on my trousers. You can't see them anyway, keke.
The other thing I was working on was the jacket but I do not have a good picture yet. Maybe tomorrow.
And only a few das left for connichi. yikes...


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