Dress wip and shopping

October 27, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I just returned from Akicon in Graz.
And they improved, location wise...The program was a bit lame but at least they had better merchandise booths than the year before. And all the alpaca lama were so cute. I wanted to buy everything (again).
When I got home a parcel waited for me *__*!

I edited out the address.
And inside were my lolita shoes, prisila wig and the liz lisa bolero!


The colour is TGMX and I bought two rope wigs, two ponytail and another for the poofiness. Ah, sorry, I do not know how to actually call that wig. But as you can see, they are all from prisila and I will definitely do a shooting this Saturday.

X-large detail pictures! I am so in love with the shoes!

Apart from the parcel I bought a winter coat last week. I think this will be the last winter coat for this year,...hopefully.
It's from Peek & Cloppenburg and it is so warm. So comfy and warm. I always hated those coats because I thought they were ugly. But after last winter which lasted almost until May! I decided to get a real coat this year. I have to go to work at 6.40 am or 8.40 am and I can't wear 9 different layers again underneath a very thin coat.
At least Simon liked the coat because he always pestered me to buy a "real" coat for winter. Although he made fun of me because I looked so posh and not student like at all. Well, I never do.

That's the only thing I bought at Aki con....Dolly wink eyelash glue. They also had a lot of eyelashes there too but I didn't want to buy 6 lashes for 8€. That's just too much. On ebay I get 10 lashes for 1,50€! Even though I am not fond of China it seems like I can not boycott Chinese products. At least I boycott everything from the USA and Russia. The two other countries, next to China, in the world I dislike most. Then followed by some African countries.
I know, a shopping blog and political rants are not compatible and I anyway have my personal tumblr blog for that :D.

So, and one more thing...remember the real historical pattern halloween project?
That's a new picture from my shepherdess costume even though I am already further ahead again. I tried to do some robe a la francaise folds and they worked out somehow. Although I think they could be better but I am proud of them because I didn't use a pattern for them. No pattern? Why? Because my order didn't arrive yet. Too bad.

 You can still see the pins in this one. I have already closed the top and removed all the pins...
Both sides area already sewn to the side and the next step is to do the stomacher and then the lining.
But I really have to start with my YaYuCo Cosplay too because I am way behind. And for Aki Con I also only managed to do one of the two I planned.
I still haven't figured out how to manage University, work and cosplay. Yikes.

Aurîs Lothol

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