Munich part one

October 10, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I am so late with the pictures from Munich because my computer had a virus during this time and I completely forgot.
This time I made a lot of sightseeing and went to a museum and different castles. I really came to like Munich because it reminded me a lot of Vienna. Heresy, I know, but it just did.

On my first sightseeing day I went to Schloss Nymphenburg which was actually right behind my friends house. I'm not even joking! Last year in May my friends and I already visited the garden of this palace but this time I also wanted to enter it. And those were 9 euro well spent.

I found this in a restaurant and it just spoke to me. It reminds me of a book I once read from Poppy Z. Brite.

This building was near the German museum. And this museum was so vast! We couldn't even see a third if the things there!

So, and now to my day at Nymphenburg. It was raining aaaaaaall day long but it didn't really bother me. I bought a cute and pink umbrella and decided to walk through the park too.

The main building of Schloss Nymphenburg.

I don't really have to write down how much I loved this palace, do I? It is so beautiful!

There was this room full of pictures from good looking women and this was one of them, who I thought was veeeery pretty. She was from a very poor family but so pretty, that the emperor let her model for this painting.  The pictures is in the room called "Schönheitengallerie" (Gallery of beauties). I wanted to buy a postcard of her but I can't remember why I didn't.

I love details.

This pink building was the second building, hidden in the garden. I think this was Amalienburg?

Selfie in the small castle. I just had too. I loved the interior. And it seems my nose is missing? XD

I can't remember the name of this house. It was either Pagodenburg or Badenburg.

They had a huge Chinese room in the upper floor!

The only place I haven't been to was the Marstallmuseum because I wasn't interested in the exhebition. Although again, I can not remember what it was.
And I think 9 euro for 6places is just wonderful. Of course it is the students price and you have to pay a bit more for a normal ticket and then again 3 or 4 euro for the audioguide but it was totally worth it!

Part two will come this or next week :)


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