I'm finished! Finally. uwahhh

December 25, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I hoped your Christmas was great, you had a lot of food and fun. I celebrated with a good friend and we had a lot of booze, sushi and tea. Perfect evening.

I finished with Lucrezia's mock up Italian Reta on the 24th. I was so happy because it looks really nice!

But see for yourself...

I have to admit that I went freestyle again. Instead of buying lace for the end row I just worked with very thin gold wire.
4 Pearls on the wire and then close the gold lace with a few quick stitches. Repeat.

At the end I knotted the wire around one pearl. I have no idea if this method holds the whole construction very well but until know I didn't have any difficulties with it.

And this is the finished product

I really, really like it! And my idea with the wire gives it much more flexibility!:) *happy ducky*

And now I have to order the real deal for my dear Lucrezia cosplay. It will probably be golden cord, 1mm wide. But let's see. When I look at the picture I get that weird feeling, that her headdress is made out of golden wire? or something like that.


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