New bodyline skirt

December 03, 2013

Hello lovelies,

actually I do not have much to tell. I try to work on my cosplayplans, work, work out and to study for my classical era which is coming up next monday. I really like this period but studying it is another matter. But I won't whine about it :)

My newest addition to my lolita collection is a pink bodyline skirt.

I got it secondhand from a member of the Austrian lolita facebook group. Thanks again!

I decided to go to an expensive restaurant for an all-you-can eat at new years eve with my sister and her boyfriend. I will eat myself to death, I see it coming. But at least the food will be delicious!

I still don't have a new phone but I found a way to be on instragram and whatsapp again. I just installed bluestacks on my home computer and it works perfectly. Saddly it does not work on my work computer. But I am very busy uploading pictures from the past months on instagram.
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2 Kommentare

  1. Ooh, that's a lovely skirt! The flowers are so pretty <3

    1. They really are! I am really picky with prints but this one is just so beautiful.