Lolita closet post 2014

January 19, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am really late for this post but I finally managed to take a picture of some of my stuff. And I am still not finished. I didn't think I had so much stuff. But being a lolita for more than 9 years now, I definitely had time to horde a lot of things. Even though I have to admit, that I only started buying new OP last year, because I suddenly had a lot more money due to my job. And I didn't buy a new OP since 2009...

So, here is part 1 (because I couldn't find all of my stuff for one big shooting. ~_~).

JSK and OP 

 both Innocent World

 both Angelic Pretty

 left is H.Naoto, right is Baby the stars shine bright

 left is handmade (ribbon in the middle is missing), right is Metamorphose
both Angelic Pretty

?? No idea, it's actually a 50s dress, but also Lolita-usable


Offbrand...I think? I bought it in a local Gothic Store.


top left to right: offbrand rocking horse shoes? (I bought them second hand), An-tai-nai, offbrand from Ebay
bottom left to right: offbrand? secondhand again, and the last two..I have no idea XD!



Winter stuff

the black is from primark, the bunny earmuffs was a present and the white Barret is from bodyline.

So, this was part one. More clothes and accessoires in my next post!

Auris Lothol

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6 Kommentare

  1. I love the colorway of your wardrobe so far!
    Wow, over 9 years, that's kinda cool. XD

    (If anyone is interested in mine: ^///^)

  2. Thank you!
    I will check out your post <3!

  3. Ich liebe das erste Innocent World Kleid, weiß mit Blümchen und Schleifen. *-*
    Die beigen Schuhe mit zwei Schleifchen von Ebay hab ich auch von yesstyle. xD
    Und Mütze und Handschuhe vom Primark hab ich in grau. Wo auch immer sie sein mögen...
    Das 50s Kleid eignet sich finde ich auch gut als Lolita. ^^

    Hach~ so viele hübsche Sachen.

  4. das erste kleid von IW find ich am schönsten♥ deine wintersachen und die bonnets sind auch voll lieb♥