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February 04, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I got some pictures from Y. birthday party for you! I wanted a hime hair up do and found a nice tutorial. Well, then it turned out a bit different and now my hair looks a bit more 20s than hime/princess.

But aren't the curls just super cute? And this hairstyle didn't take long, so I will definitely do it again for the Lolita meeting on the 23rd of January!

Ever wondered how the hair looked after the party...! :D

It looks so hilarious!
And I need a hairjob again.. >_<!

Then on sunday, I went to C. place and she and her family made Yakiniku for me and my sister. I stuffed myself with so much food, I had difficulties getting home.
But I got two bags of clothes from C. because she didn't need them anymore.
She even gave me the mickey mouse trolley for free ;////;. So nice!

A lot of items and even some brand (liz lisa, Cecil Mcbee, etc), hooray!

And this is today's outfit. Do you recognize the shirt?
I had to blurr out the background because we are in the process of moving flats and every room looks chaotic. Very, very chaotic. But I like my outfit. I'm an evil stepmother! This is how I dress for work...sometimes and underneath the pullovers and cardigans. I don't know why but never mind the season, I always freeze at work.


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5 Kommentare

  1. strenges work outfit xDD man erkennt dich fast nicht wieder.
    ahh also sind das tatsächlich deine echten haare*_*? hab mich auf FB gefragt, ob das haarteile sind. die frisur is voll schön*-* steht dir

    1. danke XD! Ich trau mich absolut nicht irgendetwas süßes anzuziehen, weil es ja ein Büro ist und ich an der Rezeption repräsentativ nach außen wirke, für jeden der vorbei geht ;_____________;! Zumindest trage ich oft rosane pullis, das muss für mich in der Arbeit immer reichen XD
      ja, sind meine echten Haaren ^___^ danke sehr! :3

    2. ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich kann auf deinem Blog nie kommentieren @__@ es funktioniert einfach nicht..

  2. aww super süße frisur, mir gefällt es !und würde es auch machen * O * ~