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April 15, 2014

Hello lovelies,

all students are having easter holidays! Hooray! But I have to work. Beh. Nevertheless, I just found out that we got a pay raise. Hooray again!

Currently I am working on my Sakizou cosplay rather than finishing poor Lucrezia. But this has an easy explanation: I ordered new pearls and other items on the net and didn't receive them yet.

I cut out frills and even more frills for the cos and tested my new overlock. It worked very well and I am pleased with the outcome...

two pictures of my frills and a close-up of the seam I made with my overlock machine.
Looking good! I am quite satisfied.

The only new thing I have for Lucrezia is the pattern of the sleeve. As you can see, I glued a lot of pieces on it and cut them again because they never fitted perfectly.
But now it fits like a glove...

 Apart from sewing I also went shopping last Friday and made my nails at a nail salon.

There are two Primark stores in Vienna at the moment and both make you poor. Really, really poor. I didn't want to spend any money but then I found a cute bag, and then cute accessoires and so on. Luckily my friend, Princess Panda, didn't allow me to buy a new suitcase. Although it really looked fantastic and was only 28€. ;___;.
I also got a new sweater, which I can't find now...great...

Detailed pictures of my shopping goodies. I will definitely add some flowers or strawberries to the bag and make it even cuter :D!

As for my nails, I friend recommended a nail salon in the 7th district to me.The owner was so nice and even said, that my special wished for pink glitter, pearls and ribbons were no problem. Hooray the third!
And now I finally have nice nails again *___*!


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