OOTD and progress

May 27, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I got a new phone and I am so in love with it. It still needs a name and a new cover though. :)
And I can finally to OOTD pictures with it!

My simple but very flowy pink chiffon dress on Friday. I got this from an ebay auction and the quality is not the best, I already noticed and opend thread on the right side of the sleaves, but I really love the colour and cut.

As for my progress, there is nothing really much to say other than, I ONLY HAVE 5 MORE WEEKS. AAAH x_X. Why am I so slow? And why do I have so much to do for university?

That's the first version of the skirt but I got a better idea. A friend of mine called it"Puffpopsch" --> "Poofbooty" and it sounds so cute. I like the name XD. As for the skirt, I tried to put all the layers into only three different heights and I will add another layer underneath, so it will also puff at the bottom. No progress pictures of the newest version yet....

Plus, I still have to colour the stockings and therefore I made, with the help of my boyfriend, a replica of my leg to draw upon.
I guess, I can re-use it for Halloween? :) I also made a replica of my arm but forgot to take pictures...
The leg is made out of thin plastic and lot of duct tape. Cutting it open was very painful. And a certain someone managed to cut into and tear off some of my skin |D

I have no idea how I manage to save money for Japan and all of my city trips this year, but I actually do. And I still go on huge shopping sprees. I bought the shell bag I longed for, books, accessoires and a bathing suit. And one of my books and accessoire arrived today at work!

I am so in love with the La pafait bow *__*! It has tiny roses in it.

Nearly all of the pictures I shared today are on instagram. Add me <3 a="">


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