Skirt remake

June 03, 2014

Hello lovelies,

A month ago I bought a skirt on ebay and it arrived today. My plan was to cut it and make frills out of the bottom part. I can still do small ribbons and add them but I am much too lazy now.

I started out with this is my picture and a stock picture:
stock pic

my dress
Step 1:
The skirt was much too long and I cut it. For me the best size was 10cm above my knee.

Step 2:
I decided to make two different layers of my frill; 5 cm and 10cm.
Due to 5 layers of frill, I had a lot of material to do the frills. I cut it at one end and stitched it together to make one long frill.
Make sure to use all of the layers for the frills. You will need them. Trust me!
Afterwards I sewed a long line with my largest stitch to frill them.

The frills above were made with my machine.

Step 3:
Time to shorten the underskirt!  I shortened it by 15cm and zig-zaged the ends. But be careful to use a stitch for flexible fabric.

Step 4:
As I said before, I made two layers, but one can definitely also do only one.
For that I laid aside the top layer and sewed the longest frills onto the rest of the rest (4 layers).
Sewing time again!
You do the same for the smaller frill. Lay it on top of the layer and just sew.

And this is the last step. Finished!

see the thread? always cut your thread OTL
Time: about 3h
Price: about 10€
Satisfaction: 4 out of 5 stars. I will probably add some ribbons!
Variations: You can use different colours for the frills, you can add ribbons or glitter or rhinestones. Be creative :)
Use it for Mori or cult party kei skirts!


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