Nicon 2014

October 15, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I'm back from Nicon and I had a really lovely time in Hannover.
A., my German friend with whom I had a Norway cosplay fotoshooting once, invited me to go to Nicon with her and we decided to do Uta no Prince-sama on Sunday, with a friend of her.
So two weeks before the con I started sewing one costume again but that was not difficult because it was just a dress, and dresses are very easy to sew, in my opinion.

The only problem I had with this dress was the stocking. One day before I flew to Hannover, I went to every stocking shop in Vienna but they just didn't have that kind of stocking. I even looked in Germany but nope. So I settled on buying plain red ones...And luckily, most of the time my stockings were not in the Picture. wuhuu! But I am moving too far ahead.

My boyfriend drove me to the airport and I was there three hours too early. But I didn't care because I didn't have to go with the train, yey.
Everything went very smoothly and Anchen picked be up from the Hannover airport.
So at the first day of the con I wore my female Austria cosplay again and I had no problems doing a pissed off expression because I was so tired.

A. was in the cosplay jury of the convention so we had to be there at noon but we still had some time to go for a quick sightseeing. I was already very interested in seeing the city because of me being a small history nerd again. No, really. I wanted to see the city were the famous Hannoveran King on the british throne came from OTL.
I tried once more for a kind of himegyaru style but my hair just didn't look right on the picture taken because they were much bigger and poofier in real life. Also the contouring is not visible at all...
I wore my Angelic Pretty dress, DreamV shoes and a la pafait replica necklace.
A. had to leave me for quite a in between so I watched the Uta no prince-sama showgroup, which gave me a better understanding of the series. In the evening I also enjoyed the concert of Unsayn, an incredibly talented group of musicians. I instantly bought their album and I have their three songs on repeat. They sing in Japanese, English and German and I just love the voice of the singer. She is fantastic.

Sunday was our Utapri day!!
That was the sweetest thing that happened to me all weekend. From then on, I only called them my two beautiful princes...

 Left is K. as Masato and A. is Ren on the right.

And here are some more pictures, taken from Animexx. It was such a shame that we didn't have a lot of time and therefore K. and me don' t have a lot of pictures together...awwww...

Pictures by Kaine, Nodoka and Anchen-chan @ Animexx

It was a real shame to get only a few pictures with K. but we had to rush to the Airport for my flight to Vienna. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with loads of pizza and fun.


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