Annual japanese flea market

November 25, 2014

Hello lovelies,

still no new sewing projects to write about. Therefore a short text about the event I went to last weekend.

Once a year the Japanese school in Vienna holds a flea market. It's always in mid-November. Parents of the kids donate stuff to the school and you are able to buy them. And like on every other flea market the items range from crap to jewels. There is also a section were you can buy Japanese or English books for only a few euros.

the bottom right area is the book and cd and dvd section

 I think the most expensive thing there is the food. You pay 4€ for a portion of curry rice. There are three different kinds of curry (mild, medium hot, and hot) and my Sister, E. and I took hot. This time it was really spicy! What I just thought was a bit unnecessary was when they weighed the rice portion on a small scale. Yes, let's not give foreigners more than they deserve?

They also had a small food booth with mini cookies and cakes.

I bought matcha cookies, six tiny matcha cookies for 2€. I also got two Onigiri for 2€ and then found out that they didn't have any filling. Boooooring.

So this is the stuff I bought:
Cute baking forms, Onigiri cutter, rabbit plates and two balls for keeping your food fresh.

It comes in three different forms: bear, heart, and star.

They are so cuuute.

And then I got a few plates (I think they were 4):
My sister kindly named them granny plates while giving them to me. Püüüh.

Details of the plate. I like the floral design.

I also bought a brown straw bag with lace which is not on the picture. All in all, I paid 11€ for these items. Good deal!

If you plan go to the next flea market in 2015, here is a piece of advise:
The opening time is at 10:30 (or 10:00, I have the feeling it changes yearly) be there at least half an hour earlier. 45min would be even better.  I'm not joking. They only let in a few people at a time (before opening the school for all after 60mins) and the first people in line of course get the best stuff.
I was there 30min before the start and as you can see, the queue is already long. But we were with the second group who were allowed to enter.

All the best,
and please cross your fingers for me because I have an exam on Friday....


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