December update

December 17, 2014

Hello lovelies,

christmas in coming nearer and I took part in the Lolita gift exchange hosted by Lolita-Tips on Tumblr. My present is already on its way to Great Britain and I really hope it won't get lost. And that the person likes my present! As for now, I didn't get my gift yet but there is still some time.

In 10 days I'll be in Japan again, after a 5 years. I am already super excited and making lists about what to take, which bag to take, which dresses to take and etc. We already planned to go shopping for fukubukuro in Laforet on the 1st and on the 2nd of January we will be in Shibuya109.
Bibi and I already booked an appointment at the hairdresser for our exentions for the 29th of December. We also plan to go to Disneyland on the 4th of 5th because they will hold a new year special event. Hooray!

Last Saturday I went shopping with Matthias. I dressed up a little because I felt like it but it became a bit more than I wanted...

And although we didn't buy anything, we spent a fair amount of time Leiner (a furniture and household store). For our shared flat we still need a few things; a new sofa or Granndy chair for me, a dressing table and a new computer (my old one died in August). After that we went to the Pure living bakery, my favourite coffee-tea shop in Vienna. And they had ice-cream, and all of them were christmas themed! I got "Bratapfel" (baked apple) and "Zwetschkenröster" (sth. liked stewed plums) and both of them were super tasty.
 They even had a waffle-person! So cute!

And here I am biting its head off. I am a mean titan, kekeke.
Can anyone recommend me a better hairspray? As you can see, my hair nearly lost all of its curls after only 4h. That's annoying.

And now some random pictures I made this week:
I am always trying to create something with my hair but most of the time it's just some random updo. But I really liked this idea. I was a mermaid!

Last Sunday I had a family lunch and after the food we went to a store called "Brass Monkey" in Vienna and they served delicious cupcakes and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is made out of real chocolate they chop into small pieces and disolve in milk. It was so delicious! And this was my apple-mango filled cupcake with white chocolate topping.

I have the feeling, that people want to stuff us and eat us at work. They always give us sweets, cookies and chocolate. But thanks so much.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. Dein Outfit sieht echt toll aus!

    Ich kann dir Haarlack empfehlen, das hält besser als Haarspray. Allerdings gehen Locken wohl eher wegen der feuchten Luft im Winter raus, Haarspray klebt ja nur die Haare zusammen aber kann nicht die "Struktur" der Haare festigen.

    1. DANKE!!
      Passiert mir aber leider das ganze Jahr über...>___<! Leider...