Cross Ange Bag

March 26, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I had a free day yesterday too and continued with my cross ange cosplay. Again, this is just one of the minor details, but without details, the cosplay is not whole.

Yesterday I did her bag/pouch. Actually I never found out what this exactly was, but it was obvious to me that this should be a bag. Where else could one store their belongings?

For the first time I noticed that the fabric I bought was a bit darker than the grey on the coat. I double checked and found out, that the colours on my phone are darker and more vibrant. Of course while buying fabric, I only checked the fabric with my phone. Oh well, never mind. As long as it's grey? I can't change it now.

First I made the pattern, then cut the fabric out and finally pinned it together to make sure what I did was correct.

The reason why it is closed on one side is that the other side will get a zip. And it looks very wobly with pins but it fit!

And this was my pattern. A smaller and a slightly larger rectangle and the ends. The grey thing at the back will be the side.

I cut out some leather and glued it onto the fabric to give it a bit more stability. I also used the zig zag stitch to neaten the fabric out (I don't know if this is the correct term but in German it is called "versäubern").

On the original artwork Ange has a kind of black line on her bag, so I decided to do a piping with my welting foot.

It works real magic for doing a piping. I got mine on ebay in a set for less than 8euros.

Almost done! I pinned the piping to the front and the only thing left was to sew together the bottom and insert a zip on the top.

The finished bag with the piping and the zip.

Close up of the zip.

Tomorrow I have a free day again and I already started with doing the pattern of the strange crop top she wears. I hope to maybe finish the complete pattern and start the skirt. But let's see.

have a nice day,


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