LBM 2015

March 16, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I never wanted to go to LBM again because it was so stuffed in 2013 and it felt like in a sardine can, but this year I did again. Saturday was so freaking full again but Sunday was so nice. We even met people we wanted to meet! This did not happen on Saturday, our phones didn't really work there and most of the people were super busy with photoshootings.
The hostel were we stayed over for two nights was horrible. It was on the fourth floor, without lift but with a wooden staircase (??) and the beds were super cheap and creaked with every movement. The beds had bedcovers but they felt so rank. It was really disgusting. 

The adekan cosplay was finally finished and I found the correct wig again (even though I forgot to do the curls), but my green contacts are still gone. No idea where I put them after moving but I looked everywhere already and I simply can't find them.

Matthias cosplayed sb from Bakumatsu rock.
Just a quick picture and selfie from the con...I will do a proper photoshooting soon! :)
But I am done..finally....done..
Initial date: 27.01.2015
End date: 13.3.2015
Time elapsed: 1 Month, 14 days
Total time: 82h 10min
Total cost: 57,30€

We left the bookfare quite early and went to global, a German supermarket which is huuuuuuuge. We don't have supermarkets that big in Austria, so we always like to go there and buy stuff...
Well...this time it was mostly alcohol because it was much cheaper than in Austria plus next week is my birthday party. *winks*

For Sunday I finally wore a cute lolita coord again.

Bonnet: Alice and the pirates
Flowers: Claire's
Necklace: Metamorphose temps de fille
Handcuffs: Bodyline
OP: Jewel Tree Bouquet Print  Baby the stars shine bright
socks: Metamorphose
shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo
wig: ebay (offbrand)

My petticoat was so flat from travelling, I definitely need a new one soon.

Selfie time! Matthias wears his free cosplay!

In one month is the next con in Germany, Animuc. I want to sew another cosplay for it....probably Cross Ange, but let's see....:)


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