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May 04, 2015

Hello lovelies,

Roma Pri (Romantic Princess) is a japanese store where you can buy everything for your house and home. They offer everything from antique styled princess furniture to cute little dishcloths.
I have been on and off this site for a few years now but never ordered something even though I found so many cute things. But for my new flat I really wanted to make an order because I wanted a cute toilet matt, as our bathroom was super cold.
If you want to order, you first have to register at Roma pri. I had difficulties with it because my name was too long and therefore it didn't take my registration. So I shortened my name and then it worked. I used visa to pay for the items and they were sent to Tenso, because Romapri doesn't send overseas, which is a huge shame. I also had to notify Tenso about the shortening of my name but it worked out well and they got the package in less than a week.
With me being the cheapskate I am, I chose the slowest but also the cheapest shipping method and received the package after almost two months.

The box arrived and it was so big! Me in comparison to the box...

 my toilet rug! Finally! And it is super cute and thick and has those plastic stoppers at the back so it doesn't slide away.

 This is a cat cushion. It is so cute! I think the material is a very shiny velvet because it is so soft and fluffy.
And last but not least, a crown lamp. I only noticed after I did the order that Japan has another voltage, so I am not sure if I can really use it as a lamp. I will probably use it as a deco item...

There where two smaller glass cases which came with the lamp but one of them was broken. Such a shame! 

All in all, the order was expensive but I really like my items, yes even though one of the glass was broken, so whatever. :) I will just have to remind myself to not order sth with glass the next time!

Have a nice week,


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