Taobao haul part 1

August 30, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I bought a few things over taobao via and they finally arrived last Friday!
It was the first time I used yoybuy and I was quite satisfied with their service. If I had any questions concerning the item, I could chat with them/leave them a message and they would reply within a few hours. Yoybuy has a handling fee of 10% plus a visa handling fee of 3,5%.

The items arrived in a medium box, each wrapped in plastic. I was amazed at how small they got the huge, fluffy petticoats.

I just love hats and this hat was so cute and frilly, I just had to get it. It seems like the white lace can be attached to the hat (but no idea how) and the pink tulle ribbon was a gift.
This is the stock pic of the hat:
In the stock picture, that hat is a bit rounder than my hat, but apart from that, I don't see a real difference. The item seems to either be out of stock or not produced anymore because the site, where I bought the hat from, does not exist anymore...

Next up is my huge hairpiece. It is really bigger than I imagined it to be...
I got this from Rosy Elfland.

This is the stock picture:

Some more details:

Next is my Swankiss replica pullover.
 I saw this pullover on the website of Swankiss and fell in love. I just love strawberry prints and everything strawberry. But it was much too expensive to order from the shop directly and thus I ordered it from Taobao, for a much cheaper price. One month later, Swankiss had its summer sale and the pullover was on sale I got an original one too, in purple and pink. But I accidentally took the longest waiting time for the shipping so I will probably only get it by September. Damn..

This is the stock picture:
I just have the feeling, that the pullover is a bit shorter than the original one. But I will find out as soon as I get it. Find the pullover here, at Miao miao.

Strawberry detail!

And the collar is detachable.

Another replica I bought, this time without knowing, is a shellbag, originally from Angelic Pretty.
I saw the bag on Loli-loli paradise on facebook and then look it up on Taobao (because the item tend to be cheaper there) and voila, there it was, and so I bought it.

And this is the stock picture:
I bought the bag at Evol Day


It has an extra strap!

I was in dire need of petticoat and I only heard good stuff from Classical puppets, so I went and got an A-line and a bell shaped petticoat in white.

This is the A-line petticoat. It is super fluffy and poofs the skirt nicely.

Stock picture:

Find the shop here.

And this is the bell shaped one. White on white background may have not been the best idea...

Stock picture (find the petticoat here):
I still have four more items on yoybuy (two from soufflesong, and two from cheval the bois) waiting for their arrival since....a long time. But I also have my eyes on a few more items, but this will all be in part two!

Enjoy your Sunday,
I have to study Latin and try not to cry because my brain won't remember anything of it...


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