Swankiss fake and original

September 22, 2015

Hello lovelies,

before my lengthy Connichi post I wanted to quickly post my review about my swankiss items. More specifically I wanted to do a comparison between the swankiss item I have and the exact same replica pullover.
I got the replica because the red/pink version of the pullover was already sold out for good.


The first difference I saw was the pink ribbon. The original swankiss sweater had a pink ribbon swankiss printed on it, while the replica sweater only had the pink ribbon.


The second big difference is the tag. The replica only has one small tag inside of the sweater while the original has more and the tag is also bigger.

left ist the original, right is the replica

The third and last big difference is the button on the extra strawberry collar.
Swankiss uses a big and the replica has a small button.
left ist the original, right is the replica

Apart from that, I couldn't really find a big difference. Both sweaters are soft and have the same length and the same pattern. The replica is really well made.

Have a nice week,

all the best,


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