Metamorphose Tea party and bring & buy

October 22, 2015

Hello lovelies,

so last weekend was the Metamorphose tea party. I was so sad when I missed the Innocent World tea party two years ago because IW became my favourite brand.
It started at Hotel Stefanie in Vienna at 1pm and at entrance we got a goodie bag and a coupon for one free drink.

The goodie bag contained a ton of flyers and a few items.

 The bag was super cute though. It has a rabbit with an Austrian speciality, the Punschkrapfen (krapferl XD).
The VIP guests got a pink bag.

And these are the goodies I got; eyelashes from an online cosplay shop, two articles by poledance Vienna (the pink pen and chocolate), a black bow, a button ring, a cake ring, and two Metamorphose hair clips. The blue in the middle is chocolate and in the gold box at the top is even more chocolate.

The program was tight and to be honest, I could also attend 12h teaparties and not only 4h ones.
Also, we were so many, it was really hard to get everybody in a group picture. Only because I know where I stood I found myself.. XD

Picture by Cymon Skinner (c)

The fashion show was super interesting too and I made a small video. I especially liked the white angel/cherub? dress.

Here is a small video of it:
The music in the background is from Schubert: Auf dem Wasser zu singen D774 <3 .="" choice.="" i="" like="" p="" really="" this="">
Everybody stormed the buffet when it opened and I too was super hungry.
There was small finger food and it was super cute.

I forgot to take a picture of the sweet finger food, but they had a fruit salad, apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce, a coconut cream with a lot of rum and of course, punschkrapfen.

I have no real full body picture of me, except the ones where I am sitting like a peasant on my chair and my fluffy petticoat visible all around me.

I braided my hair and instructed Matthias to but ribbon in my hair in a criss-cross. It turned out really good and fitted perfectly to my dress.
This was my coord (again, it was also shown in the last entry)

Compared to the AP tea party I attended last year, in the ruffle this year everybody got a prize.
(c) Rob Detoyato

My prize turned out to be this amazing poster and a brooch. I still need to find a place to hand up this pretty picture.

A girl from my table didn't like her present because she didn't have anything in that colour and was sure, she would never wear this. So I snatched it and I am super happy about that one too.

It's a super cute flower crown! And huge too.

It came with those cute items. I love the fat unicorn. It is sooo cute!

At the tea party I only bought one item even though I was charmed by a cute hat but it was 150€ and far too expensive.
This overdress is from mighty kingdom, a German brand.

It also fits perfectly to any larme kei oder cpk outfit.

I missed the gothic and lolita music festival, so nothing about it here.

The next day was bring & buy at Weberknecht in Vienna. I brought 5 items but didn't sell anything at the end, which is such a shame. But nevertheless, I bought a lot.

 A pink bolero from bodyline.


 A Liz Lisa suitcase (my second one! yey).

 This is a mini bonnet. I can't remember the brand.

A soft dress by Liz lisa.

 The dress and all of it's accessoires are from Magic Tea party.

 Both of the blouses are by Magic tea party.

The bolero is from Jesus Diamante.

All in all I spent about 370€ this weekend...

Have a nice weekend,

I will update again next time with my wip.


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