Wip part three

October 12, 2015

Hello lovelies,

it's getting colder every day and I hate the cold. But that is also a good reason to stay indoor and continue with the cosplay.

Last week I made quite a lot of progress.
Here is a quick progress of the Epaulette. 

I just cut it out four times and pinned it together. I left the left edge free, this is where I turn it inside out.

This is the inside out part. The right edge is still open and it stays like that.

I hand stitched the lace onto the epaulette...because I could XD. No no, I work better with smaller details and I stitch it with small stitches so you can't see it is sewn. With a sewing machine this is practically impossible.

And this is how it looks like with the sleeve. I always stuff the epaulette between the sleeve and the top. 

Doing the hook and eye tape took ages. I handstitched most of it too (this is what took ages).
The hook tape went on the right side, with the lining and the outer part on top. This means that I pinned it to the lining.

The hook tape comes between the lining and the outer fabric.
It looks super crumped on the picture but be aware that I just pinned it and it is not sewn yet.

I handstitched the eyes on one layer (here: the outer fabric) with small stitches. Then put the lining on top of it and made some backward stitching.

As for the hooks, I handstitched them the same way.
(no pictures here)

So here is the pinned (before) version:

And this is the after version. There are still pins in there to flatten it some more. But I will sew this with the machine. Time is running.
 I already pinned it for the hemming (from the inside), so now everything left to do is (hand)sew it (again).

This is how it looks like with the front closed. I know it looks like the doll has huge shoulders but it looks okay on me. I think the doll has tiny shoulders.

so, what is missing:
finishing both sleeves
trousers (green)
adding trim and decoration
finishing the frock with collar
frontpart (green)
cuff (green)

Have a nice week,

Auris Lothol

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