My cosplay year 2015

December 22, 2015

Hello lovelies,

over the next three days I will share my cosplays I made that year and outfits I wore.
To be honest, I wanted to do a Top 10 cosplay list but then I realized that I was suuuuper lazy that year and only finished 5 cosplays. Ugh.
So here they are, chronologially started from my first to last.

I made Anri Yoshiwara from Adekan around February/March. I wanted to wear it for the Viennese cosplay Ball and I also finished it the day of the ball. Everything is sewn and ribbon stitched. It took me AGES and I even pulled all nighters for that.
I also wore the cosplay for the Leipziger book faire (LBM) on Saturday.
Picture by Pi from shooting vienna

The next cosplay is Ange from cross Ange.
I also wore it for two conventions, first for Animuc but it was too cold so I wore a coat over it and secondly for Made in Japan. It was so hot that day. I think there is really no inbetween.
Picture by Patrick.

No per-se a cosplay but a costume was my Medieval outfit.
I made it in June-July for a medieval faire in Vienna. I put so many hours in the costume, hand stitching most of the parts and trying to make it accurate before ditching it and saying, fuck it I'll do what I want. Well, and that was the result.
Picture by Patrick.

I made a Hungarian court dress for my Hungary cosplay from Axis Powers Hetalia. It is made out of green velvet and white satin. It also took me a long time especially for the dress and the apon (which is not visible at all sdfghjkl). But I really like it. But, just my luck, that day was rainy and super cold and I changed after not even 3-4h.
Picture by Tony stark on Animexx.

My last cosplay was a partner cosplay with Hannerbell from Deviantart.
I normally don't add a lot of trimmings but it grew on me. Everything was handmade again, even the trousers because I wanted them to match the cuff and front part.
The hat was selfmade too and gave me quite a headache but it worked out in the end...
Picture by Greencat.

Tomorrow I will continue with my Top 5 Lolita outfits and the day after with non-lolita but Jfashion outfits Top 10.

All the best,


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