My non-lolita jfashion year 2015

December 24, 2015

Hello lovelies,

this will be my third and last fashion post. I promise.
The next longer posts will come in January when I am finally doing my lolita closet show off again.


A casual lolita and more otome kei coord for IKEA shopping.


A la petite fille skirt and Liz lisa cardican and blouse for a doctor's appointment.

Casual daily otome outfit and I got photobombed by my cats again.

I wore this for the regenbogenparade (gay parade) in Vienna.

My la petite fille skirt again but with a bodyline blouse and a hat for a visit to the musical. I watched Mozart and I really enjoyed it, despite bad plotholes and even worse dialogues.

My Friday outfit for Connichi. The shoes and pullover is from Swankiss, the bag from Jesus Diamante. The rest is offbrand.

My cultparty kei outfit for Nippon nation. The dress is from Angelic pretty, the peignoir is selfmade and the shoes are from Primark. The wig is from Lockshop.

This himekaji outfit is from Liz lisa. The shoes and scarf are offbrand though.

A Saaya hayashida inspired coord. It was a test for Larme kei and I really liked it.

1. And number one with more than 2.000 notes is this picture:
I wore this outfit for Animuc 2015.

Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff.

All the best,


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