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December 20, 2015

Hello lovelies,

when I am super bored at work I go online shopping. I especially like going on Aliexpress at the moment.

After one month parcels are arriving on a daily bases and lucky for me, I can order them to my workplace, so there is no need to go to the post office.

The two following dresses are from Aliexpress and they were sold as Liz Lisa dresses. They do have the look of a liz lisa dress but there is not tag on the inside.

I really love hats and even though I don't have a hat face I always buy hats...

It reminded me of vintage hats I saw in Vienna and I had to buy one.. Plus, it was on sale...

Those earrings where also titled Liz lisa earrings. But it is difficult with jewelry to tell if they are replica or not, because it is just a simple shell stud with an opal shine...

The next OP is from Lady Sloth. I bought it during black Friday when there was, I think 15%? of.
It is made to my measurements but I didn't try it on yet.

I really do love the lace though. It has a very soft and romantic touch, even though it simultaneously reminds me of a bridesmaid. But I like simple lolita dresses because the jewelry, hats and etc can be more elaborate.

All the best,


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