Baby it's cold outside

January 22, 2016

Hello lovelies,

When I am not going to work I dress the way I want. The only problem is my nemesis. Winter.
It is so hard for me to step out of the house when I know that my bed is soft and warm.
Even harder is staying cute in Winter. I only have one cute pastel pink coloured jacket which I can wear in temperatures below zero. I have a lot of winter coats but they are so thin, I can not use them in Austrian winter. They are more spring/autumn coats than Winter coats.
The same goes for winter boots. I only have one pair of cute winter boots and one cute winter jacket.

Even though I was packed liked this yesterday, I was still freezing. Meh.
The coat is from Adree, and the shoes is from DreamV. The bag is not really visible but it is from Liz Lisa. I think the hat is from Zara, but I am not that sure anymore.

The next layer would have been a thick sweater but I skipped it.
The final layer was a white outfit. All in all it is very Swankiss inspired.

The skirt is actually from Swankiss. I got it in my Lucky pack this year. the rest is offbrand.

 I really like that picture. Generally speaking, I like the picture where only half my face is seen more.

And here is my special guest! Maja! She was rubbing against my leg when I made the close up so I snatched her up in time for a picture. Maja looks super fat and fluffy.

The next pictures are portrait...selfie pictures, made with my camera. The difference in lighting is huge.
My make-up looks uneven but it was okay under normal light conditions...?

That's all for now,

have a nice weekend,


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