Anchor coord

March 12, 2016

Hello lovelies,

Thursday was my free day, now my university day again and i always doll up on that day.I used a lot of marine and anchor elements in my coord and to add the 50s touch, I rolled my hair into victory rolls.

And another picture but with a different filer. I like how a filter can change a lot in a picutre,,,

bag: from strawbetty in berlin
Skirt: thrifted in tokyo
Top: dreamV
Earrings: swankiss
Socks: bodyline
Shoes: deichmann

I also got my new phone cover a few days ago. It's hannibal (of course).

 I ordered it from aliexpress and when it arrived I had a bad feeling about it. I am pretty sure that some poor artist drew this and the people from aliexpress stole the artwork. But of course, I didn't think of this possibility before ordering...


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