Ion wip part two

March 29, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I was sick all weekend and spent my time on my sofa drinking tea, watching series and hand sewing. I finally finished the second season of Sleepy hollow and the character development of Katrina was so weird, that I really disliked the finale, even though I like the time-travel story.

Nevertheless, here is my progress:

 Here is the overtop and the top. The weird stitches on the black fabic is from stitching the pearls and rhinestones.

 Close up from the top. It is still not finished and actually I need to add more rhinestones or rocailles but I ran out of pearls. The shop where I normally buy my stuff is closed until Thursday. Just my luck. But I will check out another shop in Vienna today.

 Front and back of the over-sleeves. The back needs no embellishment I decided (and because I am already super lazy).
 And a close up. I really like how it looks like compared to my first try. I am really ashamed of what I did back then...gluing fake leather was not my best idea.

 Still not finished with this piece either. The left part should look like the right part.

And here is a close up.

All the best,


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